Levitation, Motion & Meditation

An exploration into metaphysics, including the unseen forces manifest by motion in the cosmic sector (time/space) and those aspects that go beyond space and time.
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Levitation, Motion & Meditation

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From the Conscioushugs topic Scalar this, scalar that... RS2-104
daniel wrote: Mon Oct 27, 2014 11:16 am
infinity wrote:From your explanation, it sounds like you're describing that gravity is not the "pull" of two things on each other, but rather the "expansion of space" that PUSHES stuff against other stuff.

So in some sense I'm not being pulled by the earth, I'm being pushed against the earth by, well, "the expansion of space".

If I understand this correctly, gravity between 2 objects then, is because the amount of "spatial expansion" between the two are very low IN RELATIONSHIP TO the "spatial expansion" between the closed system of these two objects and the open system of all other objects. So the higher amount of "spatial expansion" around these 2 objects, cause them to be "pushed" to stay close to each other. And so gravity is then a RATIO that measures the difference between the "spatial expansion" BETWEEN the two objects as compared to the "spatial expansion" AROUND the objects.

So if I want to levitate, all I need to do is make the space between me and the earth expand at the same rate as the space above me, and I can "hang out" in mid-air.

How am I doing so far?

But to make all of this work, if I understand it right, then "matter" has to expand at a slower rate than space. But something tells me that its because of the reciprocal structure of the universe that the progression of the natural reference datum appears to happen this way. If "space" is expanding, so is "time", right?
Very good. Keep in mind the reciprocal relation between space and time, and that outward in one aspect is equivalent to inward in the other. Gravity is "outward in time" (the temporal rotation of the atom) and therefore appears as "inward in space." As Bruce explains on the RS2 site, rotation and translation are also geometric reciprocals, so "rotationally outward in time" (mass) is analogous to "linearly inward in space" (gravity).

To levitate, what you have to do is add enough "outward in space" to cancel out the spatially inward effect of "outward in time." Believe it or not, that is actually how the "states of matter" (solid, liquid, vapor and gas) work. Thermal motion has a net outward vibration in space, which counters the gravitational attraction in a specific dimension of three dimensions. So when things are cold, the thermal motion has no cancelling effect, as gravity wins in all dimensions. When things heat up they melt--ONE of the inward, gravitational dimensions gets cancelled out by the outward thermal motion, with the other two still "sticking" so the molecules stay stuck together, but can move around a bit in that cancelled dimension, giving liquid properties. Increase the temperature more towards the boiling point, and a second gravitational dimension gets cancelled out, allowing the molecules more freedom to move, being only stuck together by a single dimension (like balls connected by strings). That's the vapor state. Get it still hotter, and all three dimensions get cancelled out, and the molecules cannot stick together at all, and fly apart from each other (the progression takes over), until they are stopped by a wall--the gas state.

When you understand that everything is motion--speeds--all that is needed for "special effects" is to understand how to change that ratio of speed. For levitation, you just need to do what thermal motion does, but at a bioenergetic level. To overcome the "inward in space" (outward in time) pull of gravity, you need "outward in space." Setting yourself on fire doesn't work, because that will make your molecules come apart and turn you to dust. But you can try yang bioenergy, that "flame of consciousness"--yang being spatial, here in the material sector. Yin bioenergy is Qi, ch'i or prana. Yang is the next one up... shen or kundalini. Get your kundalini to rise, and you will too!
If you would like to know more about kundalini and meditation from an RS standpoint, see the following post from daniel, also from Conscioushugs:

Meditation, Bioenergy and Yoga
http://fora.conscioushugs.com/viewtopic ... t=40#p1938
daniel wrote: Tue Aug 27, 2013 1:23 pm
RLC wrote:So does this mean you don't believe in meditation? or don't believe in meditation on a global scale, unless it was level 3 people who have an ability to meditate at a level that would provide a specific outcome?
I use meditation frequently; it is a valuable tool for introspection. But it may not be the same technique you use. I use the ancient Taoist system that LoneBear on Antiquatis teaches, which is not about blanking the mind or becoming "one" with everything--it is about getting in touch with the intelligence of your own body and soul (3D space and 3D time of the life unit). To use that method, you need to understand that yin-yang is just the ancient way of saying time-space, and the two are inseparable as "motion." That's one of the fascinating things about Larson's RS--it matches the ancient models of the psyche (and of magick). Same concepts, just different words. When you make the connection, meditation takes on a whole, different meaning as you don't have to wash yourself away to see the unity in things--you find that unity is always there and it is the starting point, not the destination.

Shen is a Chinese term for the Indian kundalini, or the effects produced by Larson's Sector 3, "ethical control unit." By correlating the concepts, something interesting happens--you find that most Yoga practices taught are backwards (wow, what a surprise there), so they are basically ineffective. The control unit is in the 3-x, ultra-high speed motion range, so that means the energy flows in opposition to gravity. If you want to focus shen (spiritual or intellectual bioenergy), you can now DEDUCE Yoga from the Reciprocal System.

First, the bioenergy stems from all life, so the flow will be downward in a vertical line. Being 1-dimensional, orientation with the Earth's magnetic or rotational poles does not matter--you have to have your spine vertical, and pull the energy down through your crown chakra, and out your butt if you are sitting, or out your feet if standing. In essence, your crown chakra is analogous to a Bussard ramjet for this ultra-high speed bioenergy. (The same process that operates the Warp Drive on Star Trek--the Bussard collectors.)

And you have to consider bioenergy as food for the intelligence of cells--it has to enter, interact, then depart the body, just like any food you eat. The meditation bit corresponds to the "digestion" portion of bioenergy, where you have "eaten it" through the crown chakra, brought it into yourself, and now must consciously distribute it throughout your body (3D space) and soul/mind (3D time). Bioenergy works on both systems, not just one (electric or magnetic energy). You feed your cells new, energetic food and remove the waste through the bottom, just like regular food departing the intestines.

While you are doing this in a meditative state, you are in full communication with ALL the cells of your body, in both the material and cosmic aspects, so you build an internal type of "rapport" with yourself. You'll find the process is quite invigorating. The only drawback is that with the cells all charged up, they will "complain" about problems--physical or emotional health issues--which you can also use meditation to address, by hearing out these complaints and understanding why they are being made.

Anyway, that's my take on meditation, for what it is worth.
The importance of a universe of motion relates to everything and cannot be overstated, it is the key to humanity evolving.
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