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The abbreviated TOE (theory of everything) in almost less than 600 words

Posted: Tue Apr 27, 2021 9:40 am
by Djchrismac
An interesting paper was posted on recently by Martin Meyer, although the paper itself is by Dewey Birkhofer:

I commented and provided some basic RS info and links for Martin, since as you will see from this short TOE paper that it is full of motion, time, energy and change.

Martin has replied to my comment and said:
"Unit speed is a speed of 1 natural unit of space, per 1 natural unit of time."

Exactly. This makes sense and is also part of my research (see my profile). This simple concept answers the question WHY light speed has the value it has - a question ignored by the mainstream pundits.

Thx for your links. I will check them out.
I have invited Martin to join the forum and he is away to familiarise himself with RS2 and Larson's work, as it will no doubt provide lots of missing info for him to consider for his (or Birkhofer's) theory.