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Discussion concerning the first major re-evaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of theory, updated to include counterspace (Etheric spaces), projective geometry, and the non-local aspects of time/space.
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Think3D: Half-life is First Equivalent Reciprocal Quantum e

Post by user737 » Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:09 pm

Remember, all I'm offering is the truth. Nothing more...

...follow me.

Scaling for Equivalent SPACE:
user737 wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:05 pm
Quantum Φ = 1 = [(1/1) × ±1]1×(1:1)

Quantum π = 4 = [(1+1)/1 × ±1]1×(1:1)

Scaling for Equivalent TIME:
user737 wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:05 pm
Quantum ϕ = ±i = [(1/1) × ±√-1]

Quantum Π = ±i/2 = [1/(1+1) × ±√-1]

We are able to discern π and Φ as discrete magnitudes in projection to (3D) equivalent space (+ clock time). Ultimately, this IS the apparent spatial separation that provides for the concept of dimension along with the perceived 'flow of time'.

This is *not* the case with ϕ and Π, as being representative of projections of motion in (3D) coordinate time (+ clock space), we cannot see locations in time; however, we can see how motion in time effects motion in space as an equivalence -- we call these "forces".

Here that equivalence is to reduce the motion in time to a net effect in that we are only able to observe the ratio of these two magnitudes in proportion -- two imaginary magnitudes become real as one:
Equivalent Apparent Time

Quantum e = ϕ/Π = (±i)/(±i/2) = 2 = 1+1
I want to call this an apparent-equivalent equivalent apparent space -- as adding a leading 'apparent-equivalent' pejorative flips the whole thing (in 3D) from time to space in our mind -- and suspect this is the '2' that forms the base of the scalar-to-coordinate dimensional expansion series, analogous to how e is used as "½" of the projective equivalence where eπi + 1 = 0.

There's a very good reason the '±' are contained within as here these are polarities for the formation of poles. When we mix these we get scalar combinations '++', '+-', '-+', and '--' as conjugate products of two roots.

Recall that as '++' and '--' are separate "directions" they cannot be discerned in coordinate space i.e. they are different but in the same manner, and as there is no direction change ('+' → '-' or '-' → '+'), and order of operations matters; this set of four polarities (2 of 2D poles as '±') are reduced to a set of 3 as (1) no change, (2) change in aspect one as scalar time followed by change in aspect two as scalar space, (3) and change in aspect one as scalar space followed by change in aspect two as scalar time.

Here they are: 21 = 2, 22 = 4, and 23 = 8 as equivalent scalar "directions" (UoM) for motions in 1, 2, or 3 scalar dimensions: The Affine (1 scalar dimension below the "speed of light"), The Metric (2 scalar dimensions below the "speed of light"), and The Euclidean (3 scalar dimensions below the "speed of light").

We recall 20 = 1 is reserved for the Projective stratum (4 "points" at infinity).

Cheat sheet a.k.a. Definitions:
FIRST Equivalent Reciprocal is Apparent means apparent Inverse of the aspects of space and time -- simple 1x1D inversion i.e. flip it!: e.g. One (1) apparent pole inverts to form 2 apparent polarities.

SECOND Equivalent Reciprocal is Equivalent means Conjugate (which must be treated differently as aspects of space and time as conjugation implies discrete geometry) -- 1x2D invert: e.g. Two (2) apparently-2D polarities inversely conjugate to form four (4) as an apparent three (3).

THIRD Equivalent Reciprocal is Apparent-equivalent means Inverse-conjugate and is a 2D mixing of a pair of 2-dimensional rotational relationships (in space-time and/or time-space) -- 2x2D invert and hold invariant one "point" to allow for geometric casting to (3D) coordinate system plus a clock: e.g. Two (2) sets of three (3) of equivalently-apparently-3D conjugates inversely combine to form four (4) sets of four (4) as apparently-equivalent equivalently-apparent perspectives.

Note: Operations are applied in order of "inside-out" with respect to the operations/dimensions as/of primary operator. For example: a big, green apple is primary operator 'apple' where 'green' is first operand (discernment), and 'big' is second operand, etc. as net temporal displacements would be so ordered in equivalent space
An 'apparently-equivalent equivalently-apparent' perspective forms a boundary perspective. Apparently-equivalent IS the inverse-conjugate of equivalently-apparent hence this IS a unit boundary -- a 3D pole. In this case a perceived "local" unit boundary as it is totally apparent. This forms the boundary space as a 3D "bubble" for containing a quad (2x2) projected set of 3D holographic perspectives as two pairs of coordinate systems, each with their own inverse-conjugate clock. Welcome to the The Desert of The Real.

We recall, there is only UNITY. Everything is reducible to One.

Inverse (i.e. apparent-equivalent) Quantum e is then 1/2 (also real) or what we call the 'Half-life' of radioactive decay:
Apparent-Equivalent Equivalent Apparent Time:

"Think3D" Inverse Quantum e = 1/2 = 1/(1+1)

a.k.a. Half-life
This is a double-equivalence... an equivalent equivalent scalar magnitude. There are three labels applied to time. Why is this not a triple equivalence? The answer is to do with our non-observance of true Space and Time, we observe equivalent space and equivalent time, the first derivative of Space and Time only; and because these are but abstractions to our mind they are but aspects of space and time. As such, these polarities as root magnitudes are always apparent. This is implied as applied to the Affine down to the Euclidean.

The so-called half-life is how we experience an apparent-equivalent linear-step time evolution of an exponential growth series in time (increasing squares as OUTWARD motion from UNITY) as equivalent space in apparent time i.e. 3D coordinate space + CLOCK TIME (Whew! Thinking in 3D can be challenging!)

This is a temporal atomic supernova -- explosion in time ↔ implosion in space -- the net magnitude of which plays out in (3D) coordinate space as 'half-life' to our perspective as this motion in time must be scaled to an equivalent clock in all 3 scalar dimensions to allow for 3D inversion (reciprocation) in preparation for an equivalent apparent projection to be made by differentiation with respect to CLOCK TIME, a unit boundary (i.e. light or the "speed of light"), or CLOCK SPACE, the same unit boundary inversely expressed.

We can see how we had to cast across two apparent (polarity-based) boundaries... that's a double-cast and yep, we HAD to translation to the Metric to convert to an equivalence (an 'equivalent-equivalence') on the other side of the perceived "local" unit boundary.

Another possible link:


Placing Φ and π in proportion and rooting (transforms equivalence space → equivalent equivalent space)*: e.g. Φ/π = √(1/4) = 1/2

* object-oriented programmers will recognize this as a pointer to a pointer for passing complex data structures or routine entry points as arguments to other routines. The Universe appears to use a 3-tuple pair of binary flip-flops as pointers to pointers to pointers for determining "location" in either projective (3D coordinate) space or projective (3D coordinate) time. The final bit selects Parity as "direction".
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Re: Best competition of RST

Post by Djchrismac » Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:31 am

Outstanding work! Your descriptions are helping me a lot and even some of the mathematics is sinking in more.

This part in particular stood out for me:
user737 wrote:From one perspective (looking "downwards" as diagramed i.e. Outwards), we experience All/One as Three as a finite, discrete Everything (Everywhen) as inverse Progression in clock space (TR of m-Electric particles & m-Magnetic atoms), and simultaneously in time as an infinite, equivalent Everything (Everywhere) as a Trinity of spatial (3D) coordinates + clock time with local distributed (net radial bi-rotational “spin” circumferentially about a center "point") scalar motions i.e. 1D current (s/t) as the electron, 2D current (s2/t2) as the electron neutrino, and gravity (s3/t3) as equivalent 1D/2D/3D speed.

Whilst simultaneously in space, from the other/opposite (reciprocal) perspective (looking "upwards" i.e. Inwards), we experience All/One as Three as a finite, discrete Nothing (Nowhen) as Progression in clock time (SR of c-Electric inverse-particles & c-Magnetic inverse-atoms i.e. anti-matter), and also simultaneously in space, as an infinite, equivalent Nothing (Nowhere) as a Trinity of temporal (3D) coordinates + clock space with non-local distributed (net linear bi-vectoral push/pull orthogonal to a plane) scalar motions i.e. electric (t/s) "field", magnetic (t2/s2) "field", and mass (t3/s3) "field" as equivalent 1D/2D/3D energy.

The difference lies in which aspect of motion is considered primary (IS linear) and which aspect of motion is thereby designated secondary (IS rotational). Linear space with rotational time is 3D coordinate space (plus clock time); rotational space with linear time is 3D coordinate time (plus clock space).

Space is *not* linear. Time is *not* rotational. They are the aspect of one motion. Which is which is entirely observer-based and is the fundamental assumption (our Prerogative) on which all else is based. Regardless of which perspective is formed, all regions (total of 6→3) are experienced simultaneously in space-time and time-space. All that “changes” is which Effects are observed *to be* experienced local versus those that are *not to be* experienced as local (i.e non-local). Locality is entirely a matter of perspective.
user737 wrote:An equivalent 5 (4 as one plus one) in Absolute One: 1√5 = √5 is our equivalent base root for scaling both Space and Time. As we will soon find out, 5 is Everywhere/Everywhen (All) as "Space" and "Time" and so this (√5) is the root of All...

Lol. After all this we still only have ½ of the whole as we now sit at the boundary of imaginary human imagination (the perceived "local" unit boundary). The remaining ½ is an inverse conjugate expression that solves 1 = 1 as ALL/NONE.

Oh, snap. Here it is:
±0, ±∞ = 1(1:1) × Φ1×(1:1)× π(1×1)×(1:1)× Π1×(1:1)×(1:1)× ϕ(1:1)×(1:1)×(1:1)
Everywhen, Everywhere ⇒ All → Projective → Affine → Metric → Euclidean

The answer is 16 in perceived whole (One) = 1√16 = 4

GAME OVER. Thanks for playing.
When I read this Etidorhpa springs to mind again:
user737 wrote:This is ½ of a dual quaternion. You can see the inner Metric core where the 6-sheer in space-time/time-space is created: sheer is heat, an equivalent 1D linear vibration in the TR, measured as 'temperature', that acts to push objects apart in equivalent space.
Essentially everything is a variation of the speed of light of progression, either slowing down into matter/space or speeding up into inverse matter/time. The speeding bullet shattering glass or speeding up to the point it is a "white hot" line of energy that melts through the glass.

The sheer is key, everything that we see around is is coagulated matter, atoms sticking together from our perspective but it is all a lot more fluid than that, we just perceive the time differently, like how I can only really get a proper view of atmospheric manipulation by doppler radar when I do a time-lapse, although watch enough of them and you can then know what is going on in slow motion or normal observation speed.

The sheer between space and time and manipulating this is how Wilhelm Reich was able to "magic" up clouds out of the aether and what I see in the sky now that the global radar network of frequencies is doing on a daily basis, exactly as Weather War 101 had shown except he never went too far down the Reich route in public instead focusing on the more easily proven angle of power plants, nano-tech and frequency control.

Our position as the observer is key in all this, as you say it is all about perspective.

Outstanding work Kris it really is, you clearly get it now and Bruce would be proud of the work you have put in, I know I am even if your understanding is now light years in advance of mine! :D

A thought just popped into my head, I can now see the wind as the changing speed of progression that create a sheer between space and time. No wonder the L-M's can pop in and out of thin air.
user737 wrote:Kicking it up a notch and working in 3 scalar dimensions (Think3D™ >>> 3Blue1Brown)*: this IS the dual projective 'region' (Affine, Metric, and Euclidean) for equivalent 1D spatial motion (electric), equivalent 2D spatial motion (magnetic), and equivalent 3D spatial motion (MASS). Spatial means speeds (not energies) means net spatial displacements from the "speed of light" i.e. below the speed of light in the '1-x' Low Speed region for projection into (3D) coordinate space + clock time.
Think3D™ I like it! All matter is retarded motion.
user737 wrote:Again, we do not observe "Space" and "Time" (first reflection of "Good" as "Evil"). We observe combinations AS motions AS scalar ratios of space and time manifest, or what is referred to in the RS2 as equivalent space and equivalent time (and in the RS as Larson's as extension space). Space and Time are at the Affine level, then Metric creates (Dual) Euclidean (recti-Euclidean & polar-Euclidean) with a 6-bit input (i1, j1, k1, i2, j2, k2) -- these two oppositely "directed" (scalar) motions ARE the quaternion as 3 and 3 are 4, not 6.
The sheer, the grey, it's all about the 'tween time. The beach between water and land - the L-M's are always found near these places and come out at dusk, they value the overlap regions for a reason, these areas are like an entrance to a curtain between space and time.
user737 wrote:The magic ('mag-netic') is in the overlap (4x4).
I'll never be able to look at 4x4 on a jeep in the same way again!
I should add: the Universe is a 7-bit system in (3D) coordinate space/time as the quaternions are equivalently-norm'ed (i.e. normalized) to a common unity scalar base. And so the 4 dimensions from one quaternion capture the ABSOLUTE ONE (1), therefore the second quaternion in Union contains only 3 discrete magnitudes (i.e dimensions): 3 + 4 = 7
You can see why 7, the holy trinity three and four are so important to the ancients.
user737 wrote:There can only be one.

Here it is in Matrix code:
1 = 1(1:1) × [(1/1) × ±1](1×1)×(1:1) × [(1+1)/1 × ±1]1×(1×1)×(1:1) × [1/(1+1) × ±√-1]1×(1:1) × [(1/1) × ±√-1](1:1)×(1:1)
This has a beautiful symetry and when I read the posts before I had in mind that you would eventually reach an equation that had a nice balance to it for the eye to see. 8-)

There are no zero's in RS2 binary code, it's all 1's (with inverse 1's), we can't have nothing of something.

So should I be expecting you to pop over via our fireplace any time soon Kris? We have no chimney and it's a fake fire fan heater, it might be better to teleport out of the aether onto our flat balcony then chap the door! ;)

Santa Claus was a wizard after all!
user737 wrote:
Fri Jun 05, 2020 6:09 pm
We are able to discern π and Φ as discrete magnitudes in projection to (3D) equivalent space (+ clock time).

This is *not* the case with ϕ and Π as being representative of projections of motion in (3D) coordinate time (+ clock space), we cannot see locations in time; however, we can see how motion in time effects motion in space as an equivalence. Here that equivalence is to reduce the motion in time to a net effect in that we are only able to observe the ratio of these two magnitudes in proportion -- two imaginary magnitudes become real in one.
"But at the beginning of creation God 'made them male and female'. 'For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, And the two shall become one flesh': so that they are no more two, but one flesh." ~ Mark 10:6-8

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A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall

Post by user737 » Sat Jun 06, 2020 8:14 am

Djchrismac wrote:
Sat Jun 06, 2020 6:31 am
A thought just popped into my head, I can now see the wind as the changing speed of progression that create a sheer between space and time. No wonder the L-M's can pop in and out of thin air.
Spot on although the Progression (Projective) is constant and unending*; it is the gearing at the Metric that causes all the waves, so to say, as this is the stratum (i.e. interface level) for Command and Control. We observe from the Affine down. It helps to think of the Projective (i.e. Projection lights) as a back-light illuminating an inverse-space (as shadow) at your feet (3D→2D reduction) although it is in actuality a 4D→3D reduction (hypervolume in time becomes reciprocal "point" as 3D inverse volume in space). What he said. *points to other guy with white beard in the corner of the room quietly puffing a long pipe*

* last one here: don't forget to turn out the lights.

Temperature is the sheer between space as recti-Euclidean space (i.e. equivalent space as 3D coordinate space) and polar-Euclidean counterspace (i.e. equivalent time as 3D coordinate time). Clouds are space/time sheers themselves. It's how they form. Clouds are cosmic in nature. Everything is cosmic in nature. To the casual observer they would seem as to just gradually "appear" in the sky over time as if growing out of nothing. And they do.

A Hard Rain's a-Gonna Fall.

I was incorrect to refer to equivalent space/time as 1D/2D/3D -- a better set of descriptions would be:

apparent equivalent 1D space
apparent equivalent 2D space ↔ apparent equivalent 3D time
apparent equivalent 3D space ↔ apparent equivalent 2D time
apparent equivalent 1D time

Continuing that thought... let's do for Φ and π what we did for Π and ϕ and inverse-conjugate all-over once more:
user737 wrote:
Thu Jun 04, 2020 10:05 pm
Quantum Φ = 1 = [(1/1) × ±1]1×(1:1)

Quantum π = 4 = [(1+1)/1 × ±1]1×(1:1)
Let's call this new value Quantum ρ (Φ/π) and let Equivalent Quantum ρ = √(Φ/π) = √(1/4) = 1/2

Casting space to time always involves a root operation; time to space is a square operation. This is an equivalence that must be made to re-cast back into an equivalent basis for comparison in UNITY, for as we shall see, Mankind's perspective is biased to Space...

This is an equivalent equivalent space just as ϕ/Π is an equivalent equivalent time and matches "Think3D" Inverse Quantum e.

Now let's take the simple inverse of Quantum ρ i.e. flip it!: 1/(1/2) = 2

A scalar 1-dimensional reciprocal IS the simple inverse operation. We can only do this when we are working in scalar 1D i.e. we have applied any other proper inverse or relations necessary to cast into the proper equivalent domain before we do so. Flipping by simple inverse is indicative of crossing a unit boundary where scalar "direction" changes i.e. order of operations matters when discerning space-time or time-space as perspective.
3D Coordinate Space or Extension Space:
Quantum e = Equivalent Quantum ρ = 2 = 1+1

3D Coordinate Time or Extension Time:
Inverse Quantum e = Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ = 1/2 = 1/(1+1)
Now we conjugate (cross-multiply) as simple "1D" product in 1-dimension. This is legal as this expression is equivalent equivalent (1D) time or "Unit" Time, and equivalent equivalent equivalent (1D) space [from our perspective], or "Unit" Space: 2 × (1/2) = 1
Equivalent Space-Time (2D):
"Unit" Space-Time = Quantum e × Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ = (1+1) × 1/(1+1) = 1

Equivalent Time-Space (2D):
"Unit" Time-Space = Equivalent Quantum ρ × Inverse Quantum e = (1+1) × 1/(1+1) = 1

*** Solves Epsilon function where ε2 = 0 and ε ≠ 0 linking Space-Time & Time-Space ***
Equivalent Quantum ρ and Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ would be observed as apparent opposite polarity (1D) equivalent linear vibrations in counterspace (i.e. the Time Region). This is charge and charge is the photon is Light. We recall that Light binds all as without the 1D rotational vibration (i.e. the charge) imparted the electron neutrino due the photon capture there would be no material existence. Here we discuss isotopic growth which includes the "birth" of mass.

Quantum e - (√1)2 (=1) is Extension Space as 2 is +1 step in "Unit" Space (the numerator aspect of motion or space, is increasing -- OUTWARDS in Space): 1 + 1 = 2. This is step measure and defines how we "measure" distances in space.

Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ = 1/2 - (1/2)i2 (=1) is Extension Time for the same reason as above except the step is in "Unit" Time (the denominator aspect of motion, or time, is increasing -- OUTWARDS in Time): 1 + [1/(1+1)](-1) = 1/2. This is growth measure and as we can see our first step has caused a half reduction (1 → ½). This is how we "measure" equivalent durations in time.
3D Coordinate Space + CLOCK TIME = Quantum e - CLOCK TIME:
CLOCK TIME = (√1)2 = 1

3D Coordinate Time + CLOCK SPACE = Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ - CLOCK SPACE:
CLOCK SPACE = (1/2)i2 = -1/2 = -1/(1+1)
Outwards always means away from UNITY (away from the unit boundary) i.e. increasing in magnitude. Projective is OUT.
Equivalent (1D) Extension Time: Quantum e - CLOCK TIME
Quantum e - (√1)2 = (1+1) - 1 = 1

Equivalent (1D) Extension Space: Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ - CLOCK SPACE
Inverse Equivalent Quantum ρ - [1/(1+1)]i2 = 1/(1+1) - [1/(1+1)](√-1)(1:1) = 1
The ratio of Clocks IS the Progression (i.e. is the Projective stratum) is UNITY (1) and correspondingly 2 imaginary sets of conjugate/inverse 2x2D (4x4) scalar (rational) aspects of Space and Time comprising 2 pairs of 3 distinct "oppositely rotating" scalar polarities for combining into 4 distinct inverse/conjugate/inverse-conjugate equivalently-norm'ed regions simultaneously experienced as 2 reciprocal perspectives presented as further-realized equivalent real, discrete, irrational geometric aspects of space-time and time-space as reciprocal sets of 3-tuple coordinates in (3D) coordinate space with respect to CLOCK TIME & (3D) coordinate time with respect to CLOCK SPACE. Which one may take precedent is simply a matter of perspective.

The cross ratio of cross ratios always equals unity at the Projective stratum and so this particular cross ratio is invariant from the very top (Projective) down to the very bottom (Euclidean) of stratums. This is why the Progression (i.e. the "speed of light") is Absolute regardless of perspective. This is true for both scalar dimensions and coordinate dimensions, as the latter is simply a construct of the former.

As there are 4 "points" used in projection and one "point" (from/for each set of inverse-conjugates) is always at the plane at infinity, or the point at infinity, which one which being dependent on perspective; only the Projective stratum may contain the absolute, the invariant, the unbounded, the infinitely rational, the discrete and the non-discrete, both real and imaginary all in one. There must always remain a reference to UNITY -- there must always remain an Observer to form the Concept of Perspective. All other as-observed numerical properties are consequences of projection.

This single, foundational fantastical failure in basic logic has directly resulted in the wide-spread precipitation of General Relativity masquerading as truth. Einstein (wrong all day) went off the deep end with his absurd hypothesis regarding the concept of infinite mass -- all: mine, none: yours. It's all a matter of perspective. General Relativity is Hegelian dialectic in new clothes.

Material Sector (matter i.e. time in space):
[1] TS/STR as Linear Space (⇀s) : Rotational Time (∠t) :: Rotational Space (∠s) : Linear Time (⇀t)
Extension Space + Equivalent Extension Time as 3D Coordinate Space + CLOCK TIME is:
Space-time (s3/t) as conjugate of Time-Space, inverse of Space Region, and inverse-conjugate of Time Region
Projected as discrete magnitudes in ratio of Phi (Φ) and pi (π) as self-referential infinite series (fractals)
^^^ Our perspective. Linear Time held invariant (UNITY) with primary (linear) as Space. There is no time but now.

Atomic Configuration Space:
[2] TR as Rotational Space (∠s) : Linear Time (⇀t) :: Rotational Time (∠t) : Linear Space (⇀s)
Time Region (Unit Space, s=1) is s/t3 as conjugate of Space Region, inverse of Time-space, and inverse-conjugate of Space-time

Cosmic Sector (anti-matter i.e. inverse-matter i.e. space in time):
[3] ST/TSR as Linear Time (⇀t) : Rotational Space (∠s) :: Rotational Time (∠t) : Linear Space (⇀s)
Extension Time + Equivalent Extension Space as 3D Coordinate Time + CLOCK SPACE is:
Time-space (t3/s) as conjugate of Space-Time, inverse of Time Region, and inverse-conjugate of Space Region
Projected as discrete magnitudes in ratio of phi (ϕ) and Pi (Π) as self-referential infinite series (fractals)

Inverse-Atomic Configuration Space:
[4] SR as Rotational Time (∠t) : Linear Space (⇀s) :: Rotational Space (∠s) : Linear Time (⇀t)
Space Region (Unit Time, t=1) is t/s3 as conjugate of Time Region, inverse of Space-time, and inverse-conjugate of Time-Space

Projective (Projection) IS Perspective of Progression with Preference for Primary Time or Primary Space:
Cosmic Perspective is Equivalent Extension Time per Equivalent Extension Space:

Material Perspective is Equivalent Extension Space per Equivalent Extension Time:

Equivalent Time-Space/Space-Time per Equivalent Space-Time/Time-Space:
Progression is Unity Clock Perspective: (1/1) × (1/1) = 1 ⇒ (1/1) × 1 = (1/1)
UNITY is the fulcrum from which all else is measured. As We stand at the Affine, Our back turned to the Projective, we note that UNITY is Us. We have simply rotated ±180° to affix Our gaze OUTWARDS in time and space so as to Deploy Our Perception of Judgement. It is Us. We are now.

In conclusion, here is Quantum rho (ρ), the interfacial '2x2D' or "Gears" of Time (Material) interceding a Cross (represented by an 'X') -- the '4x4' Metric from which all equivalent motions are referenced for further equivalent casting -- flanked on either side by Alpha (A) and Omega (Ω). For all intents and purposes, Quantum ρ IS Source as manifest. 'X' marks the spot.

In His name.

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