In Memoriam: Bruce Peret aka LoneBear aka --daniel

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In Memoriam: Bruce Peret aka LoneBear aka --daniel

Post by Djchrismac » Wed Feb 12, 2020 2:45 am

Bruce Michael Joseph Peret (January 29, 1957 – February 3, 2020)

Bruce Peret was an astonishing human being – a force of nature, and a ‘man of many devices’, to borrow a phrase from Homer. His entire life was dedicated to one central idea, which he called the Sanctuary Project: to create a place where people could live, without worrying about the violent and tension filled life of today or about daily survival, but where they could instead focus on learning, growing and sharing with each other. It was triggered by the 1973 musical Lost Horizon, and Bruce attempted to build this Shangri La, all his life.

Growing up in Montville, Connecticut, in a middle class family, building was something that came to Bruce from an early age: learning to hammer in a nail before he was 2, taught by his grandfather, was a case in point. His dad was a design engineer, and Bruce grew up near the woods, building tree forts and castles and all sorts of things with his friends. The affinity to “devices” continued through his school years, where he was well-known as the whiz kid who could make radios in his backyard and gained the epithet “Spock” for his logical approach to everything. This did not mean that Bruce was a serious person all the time – on the contrary, his school life and early adult life was filled with pranks. He loved to tell about the prank in college where he had rigged the computer to shoot out the punch cards deluging the unwary victim or about hard-coding his name into the start-up screen, giving everyone quite the surprise. He got his double major degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and electronic devices and computers were his forte for the rest of his life. His jobs followed this interest, as he was employed by the tech giants of the day, such as Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and Digital Equipment Corporation, with clients like AT&T, GeorgiaTech, The Weather Channel and Siemens.

Bruce had had metaphysical experiences all through his youth – ghosts, precognitive experiences, visitors from the Other Side – and as a result of this interest (as well as his Mom’s subscription to Fate magazine) Bruce dived into the New Age in his late twenties. While exploring psychology, he met his mentor Fr. Tim, who taught him Jungian psychology and many other things besides. They began Bruce’s first attempt at building a Sanctuary near Atlanta, backed by the Society of Stewards that was headed by Fr. Tim. At around the same time, Bruce also was studying the Reciprocal System of Physics by Dewey Larson, which was to be another life-long pursuit. Through all this, Bruce was bridging engineering, physics and metaphysics in a unique manner.

The project in Atlanta folded up, but Bruce attempted the Sanctuary Project again, and again – with the Free State Project, with Avalon (initiated by LL Research) in Kentucky, with an RV Park in Wyoming – the projects falling apart each time for financial or other all-too-human reasons. To each of these projects Bruce brought immense zeal and top-notch technical skills, but found out that there was something more required to make it work. As a private person, his relations to people were not the closest as a rule, but he would be extremely dedicated to helping those who asked for help, spending hours and hours talking or emailing to accomplish things. His last attempt at the Sanctuary project resulted in a group of people moving to Salt Lake City, Utah, to work with him on these ideas.

Bruce had an extremely difficult experience with the medical system in his life. Due to the strain of construction in Kentucky, he developed strangulated hernia in 2009, which required immediate surgery – and resulted in an emotional scar as Bruce experienced substantial psychological damage from the procedure. Towards the end of his life, he was faced with prostate cancer, which led to a long ordeal with pharmaceutical drugs, whose side effects ultimately ended up taking his life before the cancer did. Yet, through it all, Bruce did not give up the struggle, and did his best to convert his experiences into knowledge that could benefit others.

He lived a life full of energy: his presence always meant stomping from place to place building, fixing, tweaking and making. His online presence was equally strong, as he wrote private messages, emails, posts by the hundreds, as well as papers (the famous Daniel papers), and websites. He loved food, and gorged on things that would give his friends a heart attack to watch – which was still not enough to keep up with all those energy needs. He was not only energetic, but studied energy as well as prana, chi and kundalini, and energized those around him with infectious enthusiasm. He will be sorely missed by his friends on earth, but he is sure to have an exciting journey in his favorite realm of metaphysics.

All in all, his life can be summarized by one of his favorite phrases:

Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!

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