Philosophical and cultural context of reciprocal system ideas

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Philosophical and cultural context of reciprocal system ideas

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If anyone is interested, I wanted to share an essay I recently finished that was inspired greatly by the ideas here. It is an attempt to survey and integrate many of the themes in systems science and interdisciplinary theory with a philosophical critique of recent culture—especially science fiction, film and television: ... otherwise/

A previous essay that I have revised, focused more explicitly on the reciprocal system: ... d-fiction/
It compared the RS's concept of gravity with the film Interstellar and general scifi mythology in order to illustrate how intuitive approaches to scientific concepts end up in similar territory due to pressures towards thematic and conceptual unity not found in institutional science practice.

The new essay is a much more extensive look at the concepts and mythology of cultural media, especially as they struggle to formulate coherence in the increasingly virtual environment we are emerging into. I don't mention the RS explicitly this time, but have tried to tie some of its themes more generally into the fabric of a philosophy of virtuality. The philosopher I draw the most from here, Gilles Deleuze, still probably the most influential philosopher in recent theory, I believe gives a solid academic basis to the RS. The terms are different but a universe of motion is exactly what he was laying out decades ago.
Any critique or feedback welcome. PDF links are at the top of the page.
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