Resistance, Reactance, Permeability and Permittivity

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Re: Natural units for Resistance, Reactance, Voltage, Current

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bperet wrote: Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:31 am Got me thinking of why this works for capacitors... the field of an inductor extends outward into the surrounding space as magnetism, yet the field of a capacitor extends inward into the space of the dielectric material in the time region--meaning that the capacitor may be storing the charge as a "cosmic magnetic field"--outward into the surrounding, 3D time, just as static electricity extends outward into 3D space as dielectric lines of force.
To be perfectly, reciprocally related this is missing a vibration aspect in the TR case.
You said so yourself, static electricity (charged electrons) are not the same as current ("flow" of uncharged electrons).
Unless we're willing to accept that a magnetic field is the same as charged neutrino flow in clock space...
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