Larsonian Economic Reference question

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Larsonian Economic Reference question

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Free money driven by e=mc^2 einsteins equation.

If the bank gives individual a 50,000 units of currency they make the e=mc^2 units of the currency. I read in a book some people here may consider offensive that e=mc^2 is energy matter equivalence. Since the constancy of speed of light is (300,000)^2 the bank b will make 50,000 multiplied by (300,000)^2 units of currency.

I know this is a selfish question. But at 32 even after going to a good english language school and completeting two years B.Com in india and part Bsc.(hons) I on am currently net worth zero and havent earned even one usd before this.

I was reading on that google Inc does that kind of thing and gi ves it away for free but is still sittting on a cash horde of

I was hoping someone credit for would be able to take the inital thing distill it and cut out the logic errors of it and put itxpecting in a paper.

I am currently not expecting any credit for it.

This should allow a lot of people - i'm not certain how much energy it would take to live on 50,000 units of usd or their local currrency a month.

Thanks for reading so far and appreciate any help that may be provided.

PS: I was hoping to beable to apply it to paypal. I'm not certain how long it would take big saving/commercial banks to get it. Usually if they give you anything its a loan and they will break my back to get it back. If it were verfied anyone would be able to have at least 50,000 units of their currency. I've seen the bitcoin and altcoin seen and it doesnt help since it require ASIC's.

PS2: There are a lot of logic errors in what I said if it could be cut out and I think you guys use PTC MathCAD it would be great. I come from a unreal engine and autodesk maya background and for the life of me I couldnt generate a paper. Thanks a lot :)
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