Instantaneous Transmission of Electric Force

Experiments being conducted by ISUS, primarily on "alternative" systems that the RS provides an explanation for.
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From my experience the near

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From my experience the near-field induction in a current transformer is instantaneous.

Once the field Fresnels out it becomes limited by the speed of light.

See this animation: ... nim/videos
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reflections could (NOT!) falsely give an FTL signal

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A friend who is a physicist remarked on the theory that reflections could falsely give an FTL signal by reflecting back along the path of origin with 360 deg phase difference:


"No, that is not correct! Or at least I can't see it.

Reflections either add 0 or pi to the phase. The wave is amplitude inverted, not time inverted!

Please draw your own diagram and see what makes sense :)"

How right you are, Brendan!
Wolfgang G. Gasser
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New experiment:

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Experimental Clarification of Coulomb-Field Propagation
Superluminal information transfer confirmed by simple experiment

Cheers, Wolfgang
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Maxwell's theory predicts luminal Coulomb fields

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Since Maxwell's classical electrodynamics predicts all fields propagate with speed c, these superluminal Coulomb field experiments falsify Maxwell's theory of electrodynamics. This has been proven rigorously by J.D. Jackson: Jefimenko's field expressions (which are general solutions of Maxwell's electrodynamics equations) are totally independent of the choice for gauge condition, and Jefimenko's Coulomb field is retarded with the speed of TEM waves, c.

Maxwell's theory is riddled with inconsistencies anyway, so I derived a better theory in the course of 15 years, called General Classical Electrodynamics that also predicts the Coulomb field spreads with velocity much faster than c, see The Lorentz force law, that does not satisfy Newton's third law of motion (action-reaction principle) in case of General Magnetostatics, must be replaced by Whittaker's reciprocal force law.

The electric potential and Coulomb field must have a speed 'a' such that a>>c, because otherwise General Classical Electrodynamics does not satisfy Newton's third law of reciprocal action and reaction. I am probably the first who ever derived such a theoretical connection in science history, and it fully acknowledges rs2theory principles. I am working on a new version of General Classical Electrodynamics for a peer reviewed online Science Journal ( ).

Many thanks for this wonderful experiment which verifies my theory as well, and this experiment is only the beginning of something huge.
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