Lightning: Shocking New Discoveries

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Re: Lightning: Shocking New Discoveries

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Atmospheric conditions are creating a net, spatial displacement in water vapor, probably as a result of thermal motion (spatial vibration) and ionization (spatial rotation). Because of the low, temporal displacements on hydrogen and oxygen, that spatial motion alters the "balance of power," accelerating the net motion of the water vapor past unity, causing it to enter the cosmic sector (shifting 90-degrees out of phase with our spatial reality). The material atoms, a temporal rotation, reverts to linear status causing the atom to enter into radioactive decay in an attempt to stabilize a spatial rotation (cosmic radioactivity, not the stuff we measure). The vapor molecules break up and a particle cascade begins, releasing positrons and radio waves. (That's the "crack" on the radio, when lightning "strikes.")
Could this be reproduced on a small scale and used to generate positron streams? Positron sources seem to be one of the key components to produce living water for example.
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