An ‘Anti-Universe’ Next To Ours – Where Time Runs Backwards

Discussion concerning the first major re-evaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of theory, updated to include counterspace (Etheric spaces), projective geometry, and the non-local aspects of time/space.
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An ‘Anti-Universe’ Next To Ours – Where Time Runs Backwards

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They are getting closer...

Scientists Believe There Could Be An ‘Anti-Universe’ Next To Ours – Where Time Runs Backwards

The theory proposed by some scientists who believe there could be an ‘anti-universe’ next to ours where time runs backwards is quite odd to say the least. But there is a lot out there in the universe that we humans are yet to explore.

According to one bizarre theory, there could be an “anti-universe” that existed before the Big Bang and flows backwards in time.

The theory, which was described in an paper (read below) approved for publication in the Annals of Physics, proposes that the world exists due of basic symmetries in nature, including charge, parity, and time. CPT symmetry is the name for this fundamental symmetry.

Physical interactions normally follow such symmetries, but physicists have never seen a concurrent breach of these natural principles. Although this symmetry pertains to interactions, the researchers believe it might also extend to the entire cosmos.

As a result, a mirror-image universe may exist to maintain this symmetry and counterbalance our own.

Dark matter could be explained by the consequences of this universe’s existence. There are 3 kinds of neutrinos presently known: electron neutrinos, muon neutrinos, and tau neutrinos, all of which spin leftwards. Physicists have speculated if right-spinning neutrinos exist, but have yet to find any.

In a reverse world, one of these new types of neutrinos would be required, but it would be undetectable in physics tests and could only react with the universe via gravity, akin to dark matter.

According to Live Science, if this is accurate, the amount of right-spinning neutrinos in our universe would be sufficient to account for the dark matter found by physicists.

Scientists can test the hypothesis even though we will never be capable to access this universe because it existed before the Big Bang. They estimate that each of the three known neutrino types will have its own antiparticle (in contrast to electrons, for example, whose antiparticles are positrons). Majorana particles are a type of particle that has this categorization; scientists are still unsure if neutrinos have this feature.

Furthermore, one of these new types of neutrinos should be massless, which would support this idea if physicists could definitively measure the mass of these subatomic particles and determine they have none.

Finally, inflation, or the natural expansion of the cosmos, has not transpired in this scenario. Physicists think that inflation distorted space-time to the point where gravitational waves filled the cosmos, but no waves should exist in this alternate universe. If no primordial gravitational waves are identified in experiments, this could indicate that the CPT-mirror universe hypothesis is correct.

Read the document below: ... backwards/
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