Walking in the spirit ball

An exploration into metaphysics, including the unseen forces manifest by motion in the cosmic sector (time/space) and those aspects that go beyond space and time.
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Walking in the spirit ball

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The Owl Man is Native Elder that has been contacting Steve about the Sabay (Sasquatch) and more.

This latest one is fascinating, skip to the section about half way through about the Sasquatch and invisibility. He mentions that they activate a "spirit ball" which makes them invisible and able to pass through objects, pretty much describing a forcefield generated from within that reminds me of the dot in the yin-yang, a bubble of the cosmic sector, allowing beyond space and time ability. Pretty fascinating when viewed from a Reciprocal System perspective.

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Re: Walking in the spirit ball

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I haven't read much on this forum yet and merely browsed through a couple of threads. But my overall impression was that this forum was meant to be a bit more conservative with regard to the far-out fringe stuff. This way, more actual physicists could join out of curiosity of the RS theory itself without feeling too threatened in their current worldview (which may be astronomical lengths apart from the kind of open-minded thinking we practice on AQ.) Otherwise, this forum might never grab the full attention of professional physicists.

That said, the related content in your video is indeed fascinating (if true) and probably even more so if witnessed with one's own eyes. For record keeping, here is the relevant transcript from the video:
Excerpt from the email sent by the Owl Man to Steve Isdahl, published on the Youtube channel "The Facts By Howtohunt . com", March 17, 2022
The Sabay and Cloaking Invisibility
The sabay call this "walking in the spirit ball." I'll try to explain this, brevity in mind, because there is a lot to this. I've witnessed this with my naked eye and through a thermal camera. You can't see them in this state with a thermal camera. But you can see the heat signature wherever their body has contact with something. How do I know? I explained to a clan leader what a thermal camera does and how to avoid them. He offered to show himself in that invisible state. He walked over into a patch of gravel, and sure enough you could see a thermal image of prints walking around or standing still. Yes, it was beyond amazing and creepy to witness. Oh and this thermal camera could not take video in case someone was wondering. The damn thing cost me five grand at the time, and it was cheap because it didn't do that. I now only use this camera for checking my beehives in the winter. Walking in the spirit ball requires a lot of energy and can be maintained for long periods of time. The more energy invested the more invisible they appear. As crazy as this sounds, they can walk through solid objects when in this state. The more dense the material, the harder it is to do. I know it sounds crazy. Hard wood is more difficult to move through than soft wood. I'm guessing rock, metal or lead may be more difficult or impossible. There are people who say they have seen them in their homes and they went through the walls. This is how they do it. Do you remember a story shared where a nurse treated someone who claims something big and hairy grabbed him and dragged him literally through a tree? They can pick up an object and extend the spirit ball around that object and move it along with them. I asked how they could do this. The reply was, "I do not know. We just do." I guess, if you asked a bird how it builds a nest, or a spider its web, the answer would be the same. I have my own theories on how they do it. They don't understand the concept of energy as how we define it. Not all the sabays can do this. They insist they are born with or without it.
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