Comet Connections

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Comet Connections

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Are comets white dwarf fragments, thrown out from the birth of a sun that traverse on orbit affected loops and journeys throughout the solar system that we have yet to fully comprehend?

The thought came to me as I pondered a new book I purchaed A Journal of the Plague Year: Being Observations or Memorials of the most Remarkable Occurrences as Well Public as Private which Happened in London During the Last Great Visitation in 1665 (Limited Edition)
by Daniel Defoe.

After reading the excellent New Light on the Black Death by Mike Baillie, which links in to the catastrophism of Comyns Beaumont. It shows how it was cometary interaction that brought this plague (not spread by rats) and provides excellent proof, mainly by dendrochronology, I picked this up as it's a topic that keeps poping up in relation to the current global situation. With Comet Leonard currently in our night sky, I wondered if there might be some type of wave around a comet that interacts with our atmosphere in the form of a field effect, sometimes bringing with it unusual ailments?

Although the Covid psyop is quite clearly a pseudopandemic, it is also obvious to those of us that have had it, it feels like an artificial, synthetic cold (or flu as many have had fevers) as you mainly lose your sense of taste and smell for a few weeks, highly unusual, yet you generally feel fine.

I would bet money on those on control using knowledge of this to come up with lab stories and a big cover story that would both test our stupidity in the herd, make us easier to control and allow them to make a massive cash grab, again.

What do our RS2 experts reckon, are comets white dwarf fragments? Could there be a preceding wave through space and time that affects biological life? Does a comet need a closer interaction with Earth before we see effects? Is comet Leonard linked to the current global pharmaceutical psyop as a result, or is the link too tenuous and just a coincidence this time, unlike the original "Plague"?

I will report back after I read my new book as it should contain some interesting info.
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