On Dr. Kaku's 1-incher

Discussion concerning the first major re-evaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of theory, updated to include counterspace (Etheric spaces), projective geometry, and the non-local aspects of time/space.
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On Dr. Kaku's 1-incher

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Wikipedia tells us,
...in 1968, during the Vietnam War, Kaku, who was about to be drafted, joined the United States Army, remaining until 1970. He completed his basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia, and advanced infantry training at Fort Lewis, Washington.[7] However, he was never deployed to Vietnam.

What Wikipedia explicitly doesn't tell us is his direct involvement in work on the atomic bomb.
Bombs are designed to kill as many people as possible within a certain blast radius given a point of detonation.

Wikipedia rather jumps to his work in the field of quantum mechanics. Let's gives Michio the benefit of the doubt
and assume he made a conscious decision to re-direct his energy away from weapons of mass destruction
and towards completing Einstein's work. After all, assuming such supports his alleged pursuit of:


...which is none other than the 1-inch equation Dr. Kaku et. al. have been staring at ever since & incl. Einstein himself.

e = MC²

The only thing they had to do was solve for the "variables". So why haven't they?

Scientific negligence is "relatively" measurable in/as the ongoing general failure to challenge basic underlying assumptions.
This failure is the only problem science has ever had in the "past", it is the only problem it "presently" has, and
it is the only problem it can & will ever have in any possible "future" lacking scientific progression.

In this, and even fundamentally: past, present and future are not x, y and z but 1, 1 and 1. That is: they are all the same in/as one.
It is thus predictable the solution to e = MC² must predict the most deeply embedded false basic underlying assumption hitherto held by Kaku et.al.

It predicts the most false basic underlying assumption(s) science has (had) is the catastrophically false assumption π = 3.14159...
owing to Western science lacking the "humility" necessary to scientifically challenging basic underlying assumptions.
It (& it alone) is catastrophically preventing the unification of Einstein's general theory of relativity with quantum mechanics.


Does Dr. Kaku et. al. have the "humility" to confront the possibility (let alone reality) that the general theory of relativity was concocted by a man who did not know how to properly measure a circle?
The delay in response to this question will measure how many (more) people will have to continue to suffer & die before he & his colleagues "wake up" and realize the magnitude
of what can only be described as the "blunder of millennia".

Even if assuming Dr. Kaku "meant well" by walking away from the bomb to focus on Einstein's 1-incher,
the (ongoing) scientific negligence of Dr. Kaku et. al. in their ongoing failure to challenge basic underlying assumptions is,
as measurable back to Archimedes' deficient "approximation" of pi methodology,
far more destructive than any bomb any one of them could ever possibly design.

That is the "real element" of the failure of Western science. However...

...there is one further prediction(s) to be drawn from the solution to e = MC²:
in particular, the discrete concordant conditions necessary for planetary "peace"
as they are themselves concordant with the "real" principles underlying "reality".
Namely: the undeniable principle of reciprocity as discovered & offered (up)
by the late Larson et. al.

Of those who would try to lay "legal" claim over the work of Larson's pupils: such people would, in doing so, betray Larson's own unity postulate (in pursing division instead).
Predictably, natural consequence would duly arrive at their own local doorstep before they ever cared to know better would & should they falsely lay claim to work
they did not actually themselves produce.

Of course, the same is indiscriminately true for Albert Einstein: the same whose 1-incher,
despite himself not having actually (in "reality") ever even deduced e = MC²
continues to gag the whole of humanity as it covers the underlying reality.

π ≠ 3.14159...
π = 4/√Φ

Einstein was certainly as wrong as certain as he is dead
for not even knowing how to properly measure a circle.

π² = 16/Φ
16 = Φπ²

But of the presently living: Kaku et. al. - they still have "time" (such to finally solve)....

e = MC²

...only to find in the "end"...

1 = Φ(π/4)²

...they failed to ask the right question(s).
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