Radio, X-ray and Gamma ray emission--Why

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Radio, X-ray and Gamma ray emission--Why

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One of Larson's most important papers concerns concerning the emission of radio (RF), X-rays and Gamma rays from astronomical sources is "Astronomical X-Ray Sources." I consider it one of the "must reads" in the RS, because it clearly documents the processes in which these rays are emitted--which happens when objects move across the unit speed barrier to FTL speeds, or drop from FTL speeds back to normal space. This happens everywhere these sources are emitted, right down to the X-ray machine at your dentist's office and gives a lot of insight into how these processes work. In summary:
  1. When low speed motion (1-x) is accelerated past the speed of light, it emits radio waves.
  2. When intermediate speed motion (2-x) drops below the speed of light, it emits X-rays.
  3. When ultra-high speed motion (3-x) drops below the speed of light, it emits gamma rays.
So, when you see something like this...
Spark from opening a circuit
Spark from opening a circuit
OpenCircuitArc.png (28.6 KiB) Viewed 14844 times
You know that the impulse created by the spark is throwing off motion that is moving faster than the speed of light--the jump to warp speed creates a burst of RF energy.

This is what happens with a "spark gap" created by a mechanical switch, with an inductor. If you are familiar with Tesla's coils... well, he used a spark gap to get its strange effects, which means he was using energy at FTL speeds. This is how he produced monopolar electricity and radiant energy.
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Re: Radio, X-ray and Gamma ray emission--Why

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I somehow missed this post and PDF when you first added this topic, now saved and currently reading through it. It should be helpful when it comes to some questions I have about the big LED in the sky... ;)
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