"time" cloaking

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"time" cloaking

Post by duane »

http://www.opticsinfobase.org/view_arti ... %3Dno&org=

Temporal Cloaking for Data Suppression and Retreival

"experienced time" and "RS time" seem to be getting mixed in the way this paper is worded

"real time" or "as it happens" cloaking or hiding of information in a data stream for someone else to recover is nothing new

it's called encryption and not unlike what we did 50+ years ago (and probably still do)

I don't see anything really new here other than wording

yes? no?
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Post by Djchrismac »

The article link wouldn't load for me, probably due to you having to register with the site to view the papers.

I thought this one looked interesting:

Application of Time-Space Duality to Temporal Cloaking
  • Integrated Photonics Research, Silicon and Nanophotonics (IPRSN) 2012 paper: ITu3C.1
  • OSA Technical Digest (online)
  • Gaeta, Alexander L; Fridman, Moti; Farsi, Alessandro; Okawachi, Yoshitomo
  • We utilize time-lens technology based on parametric four-wave mixing to create a short temporal gap in a light beam that can allow for one dimensional cloaking of an event.
I have a friend who builds lasers, he would probably enjoy this and the papers. I tried to introduce him to RS2 but he firmly supports the mainstream scientific viewpoints and briefly read about RS2 when I gave him the link to this website but I think the Daniel papers put him off. A shame as he's the kind of guy who would be great to have contributing here but I fear he is too far down the science path to turn back now.

I've now seen quite a few other theories similar to RS2 with various different elements but personally nothing has made more sense to me than the Reciprocal System, even if getting your head round the concept of motion, time/space, ratios and so on is difficult at first, due to our programming with mainstream science since birth.
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