Part V - Spin and the Photon

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Part V - Spin and the Photon

Post by bperet » Tue Aug 03, 2004 2:49 pm

5. From what has been said so far---especially about the counterspace infinity and the recursive nature of the angle in the Inside Region---it might seem that the Inside Region space is non-Euclidean. Does it therefore clash with Larson's second Postulate? To allay this doubt let us draw attention to the fact that, in the Cosmic Sector, time is Euclidean---as much as space is in the Material Sector. In a similar manner, considering for and by itself, each Region is Euclidean. When we consider relations solely within the Inside Region, the geometry of the Inside Region space IS Euclidean. It is only when we regard the Inside Region from the point of view of the Outside Region that the non-linearity emerges.

6. Continuing our discussion of the possible motions in the Inside Region, since rotational motion occurs as the primary motion, we can identify this basic rotation is given by what has been termed the "spin," which is a unit of intrinsic angular momentum ("Some Thoughts on Spin," op. cit., Sec. 1) equaling 1/2ħ erg-sec. This unit of rotational space exists primarily and ubiquitously in the Inside Region: we might call it the Rotational Base (RB). Conservation of angular momentum demands that two such spins with opposite chirality be found superimposed at each location.

Once the prior existence of the Rotational Bases in the Inside Region is recognized, a continuous Linear motion--which appears as Linear Vibration, LV--can be applied to this. This results in the simplest INDEPENDENT compound motion, namely, the photon. The net spin of the photon will be ħ [= 1/2ħ + 1/2ħ]. The photon is a line element of two Lnat length: appearing as a point particle.
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