General Reciprocal System- Newbie

This forum is dedicated to the student just starting out with the concepts of the Reciprocal System, or RS2. Questions and clarifications for the RS/RS2 concepts go here; please place new ideas and commentary in the appropriate RS2 fora.
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General Reciprocal System- Newbie

Post by Gugan » Thu Mar 07, 2013 3:49 am

the Reciprocal system of Physical Theory :- the basis of reciprocal systems theory 1. W/S=S/W 2.P/V=V/P 3.S/T=T/S Anyone familiar with the reciprocal system at Http:// care to let me know wether it works. thanks Gugan Gopal

Is it possibelble for anyone a phsyicist to verify the following equations :-

1. force equals constancy of speed of light cubed

2. capital m times small f equals small p times capitals z squared

3. joules times weight mass = small brackets time capitals h squared. H stands for Hadon colissions

the basis of modern Physics :-

1. weight times mass = mass times weight

2. position times velocity = velocity times position

3. space times time = time times space

Requesting urgent assistance nad check.

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Need symbols defined

Post by bperet » Fri Mar 08, 2013 3:02 pm

You need to clarify what your letter symbols represent; letters, by themselves, don't have any context.
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