accumulators bioenergy

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accumulators bioenergy

Post by oreneorg » Wed Jan 22, 2014 11:44 am

The geometric structures of coordination compounds, it appears that allow the assimilation of bioenergy from the surrounding medium.

Las estructuras geometricas de los compuestos de coordinación, parece ser que permiten la asimilación de la bioenergia del medio circundante. ... ne.0075501

Influenced by the importance of etymological analysis, Rosso de Luna expressed in his "Archaic Symbolism" and the study of Leadbeater in his trilogy "The teachers and the trail," I concluded in the late 70's that the "substance" definidad by Wilhelm Reich in his expedition to desieto Arizona in the 50's: Orene, Orite, Melanor and Brownite, would correspond the trilogy of Taoist system:

2) O.R. ite (ORGON Radiation male) YIN sub yang

1) Tao Neutral in YIN

3) O.R. ene (female ORGON Radiation) YIN sub yin

4) Tao Neutral in Neutral

5) Brownite (Materialization Orite) YANG in yang

7) Tao Neutral in YANG

6) Melanor (Materialization Orene) YANG sub yin

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