Life unit Aging and Rejuvenation

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Post by bperet » Mon Feb 11, 2013 11:45 am

That reminds me of manipulation of the directional distribution of beta decay products by that spectroscopic technique called βNMR, mentioned here:
Why don't you guys research this, and report what is going on in RS/RS2 context?
I wonder if ordering the directions of those decay emissions would have an effect on life units.

e.g. is medical MRI healthy to my body or deadly?
That's a really good question... I had not thought about that. Would need to do more research. EM fields, in general, tend to disorient biological structure that would otherwise tend to be somewhat oriented in the Earth's magnetic field. I don't know enough about the process to draw any conclusions.
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Post by Curious » Wed Feb 27, 2013 7:40 pm

I'm far from knowledgeable in science, but there are so many fascinating things I've been learning. I came across this site through another and this comment in particular caught my attention. I just read an interesting article on EMFs and MRIs were mentioned. The article is by Jack Kruse, who is a neurosurgeon. Here is the link: ... ts-of-emf/

Maybe it can shed some light on the whole EMF thing and how dangerous they are and how our planet is swimming in them and how they are really harming all life on Earth.

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Biological reaction to EM fields

Post by bperet » Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:58 am

When reading that article, be aware that he uses EMF to refer to "Electro-Magnetic Field", not "Electro-Motive Force" (which is the more common term).

Electromagnetism has a totally different field configuration than natural magnetism. See the "Forces and Force Fields" topic for images. A simple analogy between the two would be that a natural magnetic field is like rowing a boat. There is an oscillatory motion of the oars, but you move in a straight line. An electromagnetic field is a tornado hitting the boat--a vortex function.

He does make an excellent point about "fake light," artificial light versus natural sunlight. A good part of the brain's interior is photosensitive, and the distribution of photons from different light sources will stimulate those photoreceptors in different ways. (I far prefer natural light; I'm getting old now and I noticed that I need reading glasses to read with a lamp, but do not need them if I read in direct sunlight--even if the lamp is the same intensity. Was wondering about that.)

His final assertion is that, "Present-day Electromagnetic fields destroy quantum signaling of coherence, non locality, and electron tunneling by altering time in our cells." From the RS, we know that magnetism IS time, and time is nonlocal to the spatial reference system. It is not "destroying it" as much as it is preventing it FROM being coherent, by inducing a spin function (you're not going to be able to repair a boat, when being hurled about inside a tornado).

A solution would be to create a stronger, permanent magnetic field to act as a shield against this EM vortex, which is probably why magnetic therapy works--not actually healing anything itself, but just setup conditions for the body to function properly, so damage can be assessed and repaired.

Another solution would to stop using electric current, particularly AC. (DC would be safer, since it is not constantly flipping polarity adding more spin). Or to minimize/localize use to specific areas.

You would not want to go with magnetic shielding (for a mediation or healing place), unless you included a local, permanent magnetic field. Biological organisms need magnetic orientation, since that is what we evolved with. I believe it was John Worrell Keely that said, "Observe and Copy nature." Very true.
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AC vs. DC Current

Post by Curious » Tue Mar 05, 2013 6:18 am

Is it feasible/possible to stop using AC and switch to DC if it's safer? And how? I read somewhere that there was a fight by Edison to use DC vs. AC, but he lost out and our grid is AC. I just don't understand why that is if AC is not as safe as DC. Politics and NWO agenda, I guess ImageAnd thank you for explaining the difference. The way you put it made it easy for my mind to grasp.

I guess the whole reason why I ask any of this is because of the push for smart meters and a smart grid. I've read nothing but horror stories about the dangers for all life on earth and it's pretty scary.

Oh and I too have noticed a difference in my vision when surrounded by fake light vs. natural sunlight. I see that during the winter months, since we're in doors more, my vision is not very crisp. But when I spend a few hours skiing out in the sun, I can see better than I ever have, especially during night driving. What a difference! Can't wait to spend more time outside and soak up some real rays Image

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The reason is the

Post by Horace » Tue Mar 05, 2013 1:06 pm

The reason is that transformers do not work with DC and motors need brushes with DC, but not with AC.

To send electric energy a long distance efficiently, low-current and high voltage lines are needed and transformers make that posiible.

Recent power semiconductor developments made it possible to convert DC-DC without motor-generator sets and construct brushless DC motors, but those methods are 20x more expensive than simply using AC.

So we are stuck with AC unless someone invents a way to unwind matter and convert it directly to electricity, so everybody has their own generator in a house and in a car, making long distribution power lines, transformers and oil obsolete.

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Post by bperet » Tue Mar 05, 2013 9:26 pm

Is it feasible/possible to stop using AC and switch to DC if it's safer? And how?
As a long-time "off the grid" user of solar cells and 12v batteries, I much prefer low-voltage DC systems. It is a very noticeable difference, as compared to a regular 120v AC home.

DC is actually more dangerous than AC, at high voltage levels. If you grab on to a DC circuit that breaks your skin resistance, you cannot let go. It glues you like a magnet, and electrocutes you. AC has that null crossing that gives you a change to pull away, as it changes polarity.

Low voltage DC is very safe, but as Edison found out, has propagation problems. In a DC circuit, you literally have to push uncharged electrons down the wire, each electron putting up a tiny amount of resistance to that push. So the longer the wire, the more resistance to movement, until you just can't push hard enough to move electrons at any distance.

AC, on the other hand, does not push electrons down the wire, but just jiggles them in place. Since you don't have to push much across those resistive, spatial gaps in wiring, AC transmits significantly further in a wire than DC. Both produce magnetic fields, but the DC field keeps the same N-S polarity, whereas the AC is spinning around like a tornado.
I read somewhere that there was a fight by Edison to use DC vs. AC, but he lost out and our grid is AC. I just don't understand why that is if AC is not as safe as DC.
The early power systems were Edison's DC systems, but it was just too hard to push those electrons very far, so they could not develop a "grid" with a DC system. Tesla's AC fixed that, and thanks to Tesla, we've now got those stupid smart meters. (One was put in here, and since it was installed, I run into all sorts of 'glitch' problems with my electronic equipment--my DVD player constantly locks up during the evening, when power demands are high and they start playing with their load balancing. I've shut off everything in the house but the DVD player, and it still does it--something from the power lines. Never had a problem with the analog meter.)
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Post by oreneorg » Wed Jan 22, 2014 1:04 pm

When it was first discovered, according to the mother of Mrs. Tommes, you could see small crosses of light within the bright white glow.

The cave was quickly investigated by experts found that was highly charged with energy. Then they discovered a spring with pure water greatly. Technical German Fresenius laboratories analyzed the water and found it was very pure and clean. Also found that they weighed 8 percent less than ordinary water. Another German laboratory, Institut des Ruhrgebiets Hygene Gelsenkirchen, also certified that the water was 8 percent lighter than ordinary water. (The water Tlacote, Mexico, is 4.4 percent lighter than ordinary water.) Stranger still, the spring water spirals to the left, but five meters ahead makes right.

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Re: Life unit Aging and Rejuvenation

Post by blaine » Wed Jan 25, 2017 12:14 pm

Hi Bruce,

It sounds like you are on the right track in regards to the mechanisms of aging. I thought I'd point out some clues given to us by our good friend Ra -

First, your estimate of lifespan is close to what Ra considers the "normal" lifespan of our bodies. For example, at the beginning of 3rd density life on Earth he claims lifespans of 900 years were commonplace.
Questioner: Thank you. As soon as the third density started 75,000 years ago and we have incarnate third-density entities, what was the average human life span at that time?

Ra: I am Ra. At the beginning of this particular portion of your space/time continuum the average lifetime was approximately nine hundred of your years.
After 25,000 years this had shortened to 700 years. Then you have in recent times lifespans as short as 35 years being commonplace, with modern medicine increasing this to ~75. So we had a decline in lifespan throughout our 75,000 year history. Ra claims the cause of this is always "ineuphonious or inharmonious relational vibration between other-selves". So somehow our "negative" disposition towards others accelerates the aging process. I wonder how this relates to the concept of life unit?

So first thing about this "fountain" is that it must be located away from any source of vibratory electricity or magnetism--no AC, either natural or manmade. Second is to induce a rotational vibration that is equal and opposite to the one we want to get rid of, so it cancels it out. There is no material structure that can do that--but there ARE cosmic (antimatter) structures that WILL, for example: the cosmic atom in living water.
I think in addition to the fountain of youth structures you talked about, we can find hints in the pyramids of Egypt. Particularly because we should be able to verify the information that Ra has imparted based on the geometry of the structure. First, it should be noted that when Ra is talking about light within the context of the pyramids he is talking of a "multidimensional energy" that he equates to prana (or chi). So this is the unit of life energy. I think understanding chi within the RS will be key to understanding the physics of biological life, and so understanding why the pyramid shape focuses this energy may give clues. In this Q and A the function of the pyramid is elucidated:
56.3 Questioner: In that case, I will ask how does the pyramid shape work?

Ra: I am Ra. We are assuming that you wish to know the principle of the shapes, angles, and intersections of the pyramid at what you call Giza.

In reality, the pyramid shape does no work. It does not work. It is an arrangement for the centralization as well as the diffraction of the spiraling upward light energy as it is being used by the mind/body/spirit complex.

The spiraling nature of light is such that the magnetic fields of an individual are affected by spiraling energy. Certain shapes offer an echo chamber, shall we say, or an intensifier for spiraling prana, as some have called this all-present, primal distortion of the One Infinite Creator.

If the intent is to intensify the necessity for the entity’s own will to call forth the inner light in order to match the intensification of the spiraling light energy, the entity will be placed in what you have called the Queen’s Chamber position in this particular shaped object. This is the initiatory place and is the place of resurrection.

The off-set place, representing the spiral as it is in motion, is the appropriate position for one to be healed as in this position an entity’s vibratory magnetic nexi are interrupted in their normal flux. Thus a possibility/probability vortex ensues; a new beginning, shall we say, is offered for the entity in which the entity may choose a less distorted, weak, or blocked configuration of energy center magnetic distortions.
So another interesting thing is that the shape of the pyramid is chosen in order to do work upon the time/space portion of the human (ie the cosmic portion). This may relate to what you mentioned about a cosmic structure needed to reverse aging. Of course, its not clear to me from the material structure what the corresponding cosmic structure is. In this next excerpt we can find clues:
I see a relation between these shapes and the energies that we have been studying with respect to the body, and I would like to ask a few questions on the pyramid to see if I might get an entry into some of this understanding.

You stated, “You will find the intersection of the triangle which is at the first level on each of the four sides forms a diamond in a plane which is horizontal.” Can you tell me what you meant by the word, intersection?

Ra: I am Ra. Your mathematics and arithmetic have a paucity of configurative descriptions which we might use. Without intending to be obscure, we may note that the purpose of the shapes is to work with time/space portions of the mind/body/spirit complex. Therefore, the intersection is both space/time and time/space oriented and thus is expressed in three dimensional geometry by two intersections which, when projected in both time/space and space/time, form one point.
I need to think more about what that means with respect to the geometry of the pyramid of Giza (ie tetrahedral), but perhaps it can give clues as to the nature of the cosmic side of the material structure of the pyramid.

Now, further on in the dialogue more specific questions about the spiraling and focusing of prana are asked. Here we can get hints as to how the all-present prana field is shaped by the space/time and time/space structure of the tetrahedron. Presumably the spiral in this case represents the line along which the prana is most focused, ie a "local maxima".
59.6 Questioner: I’m trying to understand the three spirals of light in the pyramid shape. I would like to question on each.

The first spiral starts below the Queen’s Chamber and ends in the Queen’s Chamber? Is that correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is incorrect. The first notion of upward spiraling light is as that of the scoop, the light energy being scooped in through the attraction of the pyramid shape through the bottom or base. Thus the first configuration is a semi-spiral.

59.7 Questioner: Would this be similar to the vortex you get when you release the water from a bathtub?

Ra: I am Ra. This is correct except that in the case of this action the cause is gravitic whereas in the case of the pyramid the vortex is that of upward spiraling light being attracted by the electro-magnetic fields engendered by the shape of the pyramid.
Here we see that the shape of the pyramid emits some sort of e-m field (presumably in this field life energy unit or prana takes on the role of the photon for the analogous electromagnetic field) which concentrates prana. In the next question we find that the exact configuration of the spiraling prana depends on the earth and galactic energies:
59.8 Questioner: Then the first spiral after this semi-spiral is the spiral used for study and healing. Relative to the Queen’s Chamber position, where does this first spiral begin and end?

Ra: I am Ra. The spiral which is used for study and healing begins at or slightly below the Queen’s Chamber position depending upon your Earth and cosmic rhythms. It moves through the King’s Chamber position in a sharply delineated form and ends at the point whereby the top approximate third of the pyramid may be seen to be intensifying the energy.
The focusing of prana is effected by "Earth and cosmic energies". Well it makes sense but doesn't provide too much to go off.

So after this the questioner asks more about the second and third spirals. The next interesting hint is given when he asks why the first spiral is useful for healing work as opposed to the "0th" spiral.
59.11 Questioner: Now I am trying to understand what happens in this process. I’ll call the first semi-spiral zero position and the other three spirals one, two, and three; the first spiral being study and healing. What change takes place in light from the zero position into the first spiral that makes that first spiral available for healing and study?

Ra: I am Ra. The prana scooped in by the pyramid shape gains coherence of energetic direction. The term “upward spiraling light” is an indication, not of your up and down concept, but an indication of the concept of that which reaches towards the source of love and light.

Thus all light or prana is upward spiraling but its direction, as you understand this term, is unregimented and not useful for work.

59.12 Questioner: Could I assume then that from all points in space light radiates in our illusion outward in a 360° solid angle and this scoop shape with the pyramid then creates the coherence to this radiation as a focusing mechanism? Is this correct?

Ra: I am Ra. This is precisely correct.
This is a very important point... the "upward spiraling" prana is present at all points in space/time, however it is not "up" in the directional sense of being above us, rather it is toward the source. So in the RS we have inward and outward motion... presumably this is related to this concept.

There is still more to be revealed as we read onward. Specifically the multidimensional nature of our reality, which I will have to make another post on, but here it is:
59.13 Questioner: Then the first spiral has a different factor of cohesion, you might say, than the second. What is the difference between this first and second spiral?

Ra: I am Ra. As the light is funneled into what you term the zero position, it reaches the point of turning. This acts as a compression of the light multiplying tremendously its coherence and organization.

59.14 Questioner: Then is the coherence and organization multiplied once more at the start of the second spiral? Is there just a doubling effect or an increasing effect?

Ra: I am Ra. This is difficult to discuss in your language. There is no doubling effect but a transformation across boundaries of dimension so that light which was working for those using it in space/time—time/space configuration becomes light working in what you might consider an inter-dimensional time/space—space/time configuration. This causes an apparent diffusion and weakness of the spiraling energy. However, in position two, as you have called it, much work may be done inter-dimensionally.
So something about the tetrahedral shape diffuses the light into other dimensions after the first full spiral, well I got nothing on that one. Could this relate to more space + time dimensions (ie 4 + 4 or 5 + 5) or could it just be the two additional time dimensions from RS having some effect? Perhaps we are clued by the ordering of the statement: space/time-time/space configuration becomes light in interdimensional time/space-space/time configuration. So perhaps there is some inversion between material and cosmic sector?

Now, how does this relate to aging? Well, when you have a large enough tetrahedron such as the great pyramid of Giza, you can place entire bodies within the "antinode" of prana. As with any resonating chamber, you have points of maximum strength and points of minimum. In the case of the pyramid there will be areas where you have a "prana vacuum":
59.17 Questioner: Are there any other effects of the pyramid shape beside the spirals that we have just discussed?

Ra: I am Ra. There are several. However, their uses are limited. The use of the resonating chamber position is one which challenges the ability of an adept to face the self. This is one type of mental test which may be used. It is powerful and quite dangerous.

The outer shell of the pyramid shape contains small vortices of light energy which, in the hands of capable crystallized beings, are useful for various subtle workings upon the healing of invisible bodies affecting the physical body.

Other of these places are those wherein perfect sleep may be obtained and age reversed. These characteristics are not important.

59.18 Questioner: What position would be the age reversal position?

Ra: I am Ra. Approximately 5 to 10° above and below the Queen’s Chamber position in ovoid shapes on each face of the four-sided pyramid extending into the solid shape approximately one-quarter of the way to the Queen’s Chamber position.

59.19 Questioner: In other words, if I went just inside the wall of the pyramid a quarter of the way but still remained three-quarters of the way from the center at approximately the level above the base of the Queen’s Chamber, I would find that position?

Ra: I am Ra. This is approximately so. You must picture the double teardrop extending in both the plane of the pyramid face and in half towards the Queen’s Chamber extending above and below it. You may see this as the position where the light has been scooped into the spiral and then is expanding again. This position is what you may call a prana vacuum.

59.20 Questioner: Why would this reverse aging?

Ra: I am Ra. Aging is a function of the effects of various electro-magnetic fields upon the electromagnetic fields of the mind/body/spirit complex. In this position there is no input or disturbance of the fields, nor is any activity within the electro-magnetic field complex of the mind/body/spirit complex allowed full sway. The vacuum sucks any such disturbance away. Thus the entity feels nothing and is suspended.
So something about residing in such a vacuum allows the life unit to rejuvenate. Presumably it is always rejuvenating and decaying due to environmental forces, so removing the environmental forces takes away the decaying part. Its interesting that this prana vacuum "reverses aging" whereas the areas where prana is focused aid with healing. I wonder what the difference is in the process of reversing aging versus healing are?

If we can create a model for the life energy unit then this spiraling effect could be modeled given the dimensions of the structures involved. Presumably one would need to understand the geometry of the cosmic counterpart of the material structure. So a big question is: what is the life energy unit in the RS? The only thing I can think of is that it must be light, or the photon. From Nothing but Motion:
if a number of objects without independent motion (such as photons)
originate simultaneously from a source that is stationary with respect
to a fixed reference system, they are carried outward from the location
of origin at unit speed by the motion of the natural reference system
relative to the stationary system. The direction of motion of each of
these objects, as seen in the context of the stationary system of reference,
is determined entirely by chance, and the motions are therefore distributed
over all directions.
But we don't observe light radiating outward from all points in spacetime. So any ideas on what prana or bioenergy is?

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Re: Life unit Aging and Rejuvenation

Post by SoverT » Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:17 pm

bperet wrote:
Tue May 01, 2012 12:15 pm
Water is a curious molecule, since hydrogen has a valence of +/-1 and oxygen, +/-2, using Larson's systems of valences described in Nothing But Motion. Carbon is +/-4. Because of this spatio-temporal symmetry, the same magnitude in both aspects of motion, from a chemical perspective one cannot determine if the atoms involved are material or cosmic. For example, m-oxygen has a magnetic valence of +2 and electric of -2, whereas c-oxygen has a magnetic valence of -2 and an electric of +2.
This means that living water will measure as weighing less, correct?
I was trying to think of how one might identify the living variant since it's chemically the same, and recalled that some accounts record these waters as being 15-30% lighter.
Do you suppose that would be a reliable indicator for experimentation? I've been thinking that the good old pyramid shape might generate a mountaintop effect if the water was correctly placed in/around such a structure.

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Re: Life unit Aging and Rejuvenation

Post by bperet » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:48 am

SoverT wrote:
Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:17 pm
This means that living water will measure as weighing less, correct?
I was trying to think of how one might identify the living variant since it's chemically the same, and recalled that some accounts record these waters as being 15-30% lighter.
Yes, it will be lighter (atomic weight of 18 would drop to 14-16, depending on c-structure, or drop by about 11-22%). But that would be for pure water; water usually contains minerals and carbon compounds--and being much heavier than the water molecule, could bias the measurement.
SoverT wrote:
Tue Mar 07, 2017 3:17 pm
Do you suppose that would be a reliable indicator for experimentation? I've been thinking that the good old pyramid shape might generate a mountaintop effect if the water was correctly placed in/around such a structure.
According to Viktor Schauberger, living water is formed in the depths of the Earth through mineralization cycle, and when complete, exits through mountain springs and artesian wells. A pyramid shape would not make sense because that's the "tap" on the spring, not part of the process of conversion. However, Schauberger's cycloid spiral motion was demonstrated to produce living water.
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