Menyhért Palágyi - a predecessor of Larson?

Discussion concerning other (non-RS) systems of theory and the insights obtained from them, as applied to the developing RS2 theory.
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Menyhért Palágyi - a predecessor of Larson?

Post by Ardavarz » Fri Dec 05, 2014 5:02 pm

Melchior (Menyhert) Palagyi was an Hungarian philosopher and mathematician from Jewish descent who formulated his own theory of space and time before Einstein and he is known for his criticism of the special relativity ( I have searched for his book "New Theory of Space and Time: The Basic Notions of a Metageometry" for years and I finally found it here: ... id=1714862

This can be of use for who can read German. (Damn! I've studied this language in the high school, but now I don't remember much of it... If somebody can translate more of the book, it would be great!).

Anyway, here are two excerpts from the forword:

"My theory of space and time has now the meaning that it establishes a principle of reciprocity between space and time, as its special case is considered the whole teaching of reciprocity of modern geometry."

"If I am not mistaken, the dual unit doctrine of space and time leads to a laws of reciprocity in physics and chemistry."

It seems he has anticipated some of the ideas of Larson almost half a century earlier!

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Post by Djchrismac » Fri Dec 12, 2014 12:07 pm

It would be good to get a proper translation of the Neue Theorie des Raumes und der Zeit. I popped it in google translate but it cuts off after a while and the translation is patchy. I could spend time doing it bit by bit but it seems a bit pointless, not just because the translation wouldn't be good but because you can go further back than Palágyi and look at James Clerk Maxwell and others trying to figure out special relativity: ... _equations

Even Larson didn't quite have all the answers many decades later but the continuing RS2 research keeps on throwing up amazing natural consequences which are worth pursuing instead of looking back at earlier attempts at properly explaining our reality. You should visit the Antiquatis and Conscious Hugs fora and join us trying to figure out more of the big picture, it would be good to have you contributing as i've only seen you on here.

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