The triplicity of human structure

Discussion and ideas concerning the animate (living) realm.
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The triplicity of human structure

Post by bperet » Sun Jun 16, 2019 1:38 pm

I have been proofreading Beyond Space and Time for republication, and had forgotten a very good point that Larson made regarding the material-spiritual dichotomy that is promoted by both science and relgion--that there is a third aspect to this, the influence of the cosmic sector as life.

Life is composed of inanimate (material) matter, but does not behave like a rock. Life has spiritual aspects, but is not an invisible, spiritual force. It sits somewhere in the middle, with aspects of both.

When I look at both science and religion, and the attempts to fuse the two together in a single theory, they always miss this third component--that the biologic is a separate realm of its own. Our philosophy of life should include all three components:

The material (corpus): the inanimate molecules that make up stuff.
The cosmic (anima): the control units that animate the inanimate into life.
The ethical (animus): the ethical units that alter the behavior of life.

Again, this triplicity reminds me of the speed ranges created by quaternion rotation... material at the 1-x, low speed, biologic at the 2-x intermediate speed range and ethical at the 3-x ultra high speed range. This would also indicate the completion of the mind-body-soul complex, as the quaternion wraps back upon itself after ultra-high speed--no further dimensions. Limited to that 3D system.

The life unit seems to be ignored my most research because it sits at the intermediate zone, which has no influence in either the outward or inward direction. It is at that zero point between progression and gravitation, being neutral to both the material and spiritual, but influenced by them.

Anyway, it is nice to be going over Larson's books again. It's been a long time and nice to have my memory refreshed with ideas like this.
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Re: The triplicity of human structure

Post by user737 » Mon Jun 17, 2019 7:07 pm

I threw this together a few weeks ago while reading through some of this material. You will recognize portions as belonging to earlier work as published by --daniel.
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