Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions

Discussion concerning other (non-RS) systems of theory and the insights obtained from them, as applied to the developing RS2 theory.
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Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions

Post by duane » Mon Oct 08, 2018 7:56 pm

Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions

emotions are magnetic
cells need a certain voltage to function
this voltage is somewhat hidden because it is expressed as pH
the body has "muscle battery packs"
disease occurs when a battery pack looses its charge

"golden ratio" objects like DNA brings scalar energy down into itself

hey, why not

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Re: Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions

Post by bperet » Wed Oct 10, 2018 4:51 pm

Very interesting video--found it quite appropriate to personal circumstances. Though I don't follow the Electric Universe stuff (too one-dimensional for me :D ), I am familiar with the biological use of voltage.

The concept of emotions and magnetism being related is also interesting... I will look in to that one some more. Magnetic therapy is very popular, and as I've indicated in my research, the magnetic field isn't actually doing anything for the body except blocking out the noise. This is also what Tennant is saying. I can see why they want the North pole facing the body, because we are in the northern hemisphere. (You have to remember that the North part of a compass needle actually points to the magnetic South, and the North pole of the magnetic therapy is actually the magnetic south, so the therapy is pushing away the magnetic field of the Earth, in favor of its own. Makes sense, because our electromagnetic nightmare of WiFi and radio/TV/etc has saturated the environment, making the Earth's magnetic field a scrambled mess. Putting someone in a stable field would be very therapeutic. (One would have to be careful, because after a certain point, a magnetic field will change the internal structure of the molecules of the body, as happens in an MRI.)

However, his research is incomplete, because it only addresses voltage, not current nor bioenergy. I had completely forgotten about pH being a voltage (potential of Hydrogen). It may explain why life is in such a health crisis these days--WiFi induces voltage in about everything, most likely swinging it to the positive side--result, cancers and other problems. I'll do some followup here, too. Thanks for the link--very enlightening!
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Re: Jerry Tennant: Healing is Voltage -- The Physics of Emotions

Post by duane » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:11 am

so with the same voltage
differences in power supplies and circuits can make a difference
i remember t going from a 386 to a Pentium
or a pocket AM transistor radio to an Ipod
or a Sharp ElsiMate EL-325 and Radio Shack EC-4021 (both of which still work)
to using an Excel program on my 10 year old AMD computer....
each device has its own platform and abilities and limitations
new platforms give rise to new ideas and possibilities
a sort of electrical evolution ... rs-to-rats
Neuroscientists Have Found a Difference in Human Brain Cells That Could Help Explain Our Unique Intelligence
Human brain cells have been found to carry electrical signals in a fashion that could significantly increase the power of individual neurons.

Comparing the speed of signals travelling down the branches of human neurons with similar cells taken from rats, researchers have found a difference in signal strength that hints at deeper processing.
The text-book neuron typically resembles a tree stripped of its leaves. Branches called dendrites collect signals from other cells and transmit them down through a cell body into a long, slender trunk called an axon.

These transmissions are in the form of charged particles weaving in and out of the neuron's membrane through ion channels, producing ripples of voltage down the cell's length.

Yet those branches are more than conduits for signals – they actively tweak the message, playing a key role in the processing of the information they carry.

In some ways, we can think of dendrites as transistors, mediating signals by amplifying some and blocking others. It now seems they can also play an even more involved role in how our nervous system processes information, at least in humans.

"It's not just that humans are smart because we have more neurons and a larger cortex," says the study's lead scientist Mark Harnett.

"From the bottom up, neurons behave differently."

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