Solar Flares

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Solar Flares

Post by bperet » Tue Jan 09, 2018 10:25 pm

There was an amazing solar flare in 2017 that I was recently looking at footage of.

Watch it... and look at the jets near the flare. Something just seemed "off" to me, as these jets were forming literally "out of nowhere," coalescing and shooting back into the sun. So, curiosity got the better of me and I took that video and reversed it, to make the jets shoot out... (see attached MP4 file).

Running in reverse looks more "right" than the actual footage, so something is going on here... either the NASA video is backwards, or (which may interest sovert)... on the sun, CLOCK TIME is running backwards--we are seeing effect preceding cause.

Consider the latter with respect to Nehru's papers on these flares being "thredules," motion in the 3rd, ultra-high speed range, where motion tends to operate backwards from the low speed range. Nehru (and Larson) treated this as "backwards in space," but it does not matter to which aspect the negative is applied... -s/t and s/-t both have the same, net negative effect.

Just something to consider... but nevertheless, a very interesting thought. And if time IS running backwards on these type of events... well, we now have a mechanism to understand how it is happening.
NASA solar flare video in reverse
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