Is Soma plasma?

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Is Soma plasma?

Post by duane » Mon Nov 28, 2016 7:51 am ... -rig-veda/

Rishi Vishvamitra: Thermo-Acoustic Technology in the Rig Veda
What I can visualize and conceive of when I read the Seer Vishvamitra’s verses in the Third Mandala/Book of the Rig Veda is the technology of plasma being collected and converted into usable electricity through a thermo-acoustic – meaning heating sound waves – process that transforms and directs the plasma coming into earth’s magnetic field from the sun via the plasma solar wind into Agni the Cosmic Fire, as an electromagnetic-fire, what we term electricity, but perhaps better, safer, certainly easily produced and essentially free.
The solar wind is supersonic, so what kind of technology would interact with a supersonic wind and convert it into sound waves. Plasma waves and sound waves are both waveforms and it is possible to convert one into the other and vice versa. There are literally endless rivers of energy being funneled transmitted through and around our planet. In the Rig Veda they are called the Rivers of Heaven and they are described as being ‘churned’ by the learned seers: “You are rubbed to life.” [III.29.12] I translate the Sanskrit word Soma as plasma – and Soma is often described as being found on the mountain, which I say means the mountains that are pyramids and located all over this planet Earth.

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