What are the concrete benefits of RS besides the "Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" ?

Discussion concerning the first major re-evaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of theory, updated to include counterspace (Etheric spaces), projective geometry, and the non-local aspects of time/space.
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Re: What are the concrete benefits of RS besides the "Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" ?

Post by Horace » Thu Feb 07, 2019 10:12 am

user737 wrote:
Thu Feb 07, 2019 8:38 am
Relativity does not explain anything. It's a bunch of mathematical gibberish without a basis of theory, which it does attempt but falls short.
You must mean General Relativity witch purports to distort space as if a spatial reference system could be distorted like a rubber sheet. Which is ridiculous of course.
However, Special Relativity makes sense and is in accordance with RS principles (together with its Lorentz transformations).

Special relativity explains the Lorentz force on electric charges very well and it does not conflict with RS principles.

Please tone down the responses to the new guy a little, answer his questions directly and please limit yourself only to the physical phenomena (antimatter included) without going to what is described in the book "Beyond Space and Time" and Daniel papers, as they contain a lot of non-physical stuff that will just scare the new guy away.
It is a miracle that he posted here after reading somewhere "Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" anyway..

BTW: I agree with you that science must explain both the "what" and the "how", because knowing the "what" allows to better define "how", for example how electric phenomena relate to gravity and how to build free energy devices.
e.g. knowing that the force between two masses varies in space as Gm1m2/R^2 does not help to understand what force is, nor what causes it nor how to manipulate it.

Ad Hoc constants like G are a real scourge of science, because they do not shed light at the underlying mechanism despite that they can be measured and inserted into equations.

At last, but not least, the majority of innovation in RS is about the measurements and the factors that affect them.
The paradigm of being a material observer made of of particles that spin (despite current science denying this spin to be anything real spinning. Look it up!) and being stuck in a 3D container of space (which can be bent) while time is "moving" 1-dimensionally and uniformly, is biggest hurdle that a new guy has to struggle with.

Please educate him - don't yell at him.

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Re: What are the concrete benefits of RS besides the "Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything" ?

Post by blaine » Sat Feb 16, 2019 3:53 pm


Here are a couple of predictions that differ from General Relativity, papers by KVK Nehru.

A polarized beam of light will have different deflection characteristics in a gravity well, which GR does not predict -
https://reciprocalsystem.org/PDFa/Gravi ... Nehru).pdf

The gravitational redshift of light due to a gravity well has a different form than in GR: https://reciprocalsystem.org/PDFa/Gravi ... Nehru).pdf

More papers by Nehru - http://reciprocalsystem.org/papers-for-author/4

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