On Limitations & Opportunities for RSoT

Discussion concerning the first major re-evaluation of Dewey B. Larson's Reciprocal System of theory, updated to include counterspace (Etheric spaces), projective geometry, and the non-local aspects of time/space.
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On Limitations & Opportunities for RSoT

Post by ckiit » Sat Jun 05, 2021 6:25 am

In light of the observation problem:
https://reciprocal.systems/phpBB3/viewt ... f=12&t=783,
it is needed to try Mr. Larson's / RSoT2's "Nothing But Motion" postulate(s) for limitations.

As implied by the observation problem: one can not see past ones own limitations. For Mr. Larson, as Bruce indicated, he was a "yang" thinker.
It is thus necessary to inquire *if* (& if so, *how*) Mr. Larson's own limitations might be reflected in/as (the roots of) his own theory.
(With due respect to Mr. Larson, as I regard him to be one of the most important/relevant scientists of millennia for having discovered reciprocity).

Please indicate if these RS2 polstulates are not current / precise:
1. The universe is composed of one component, motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time.
2. The universe conforms to the relations of ordinary mathematics, its primary magnitudes are absolute, and its geometry is projective.

The "universe" is hitherto undefined. This is "fine" for now, however it will be needed/necessary to formally define "universe".
Unlike Larson's original "physical universe" stipulation, if RSoT2+ is dropping the "physical" aspect, Larson's original postulate was/is "more correct".
The universe (as a whole) is not only composed of motion, as one must be careful not to discriminate against the alternative to motion: motionlessness (more to follow).
Motion and motionlessness are two discrete aspects (concerns: discrete units) of a binary.
This means that in the presence of motion (eg. gravity), a relative absence of motion may "act on" motion. How can "not motion" act on "motion"?
This happens all the time: physical objects are "motioning" as some displacement(s) from unity, however light can/does apparently:
i. reflect off of physical bodies, thus change direction with respect to "space",
ii. be absorbed/channelled (ie. Miles' charge field) by motioning bodies, and/or
iii. relatively speed up / slow down if/when in the presence of a medium (such as water).

With the recent extraction of the binary (of definites) viz. {ALL (that which is) & (that which is) NOT},
"motion" must now be applied/subject to both aspects: all motion & not motion viz. "motionlessness".

As such: what yang would be to "motion" (viz. Larson), yin would be to "motionlessness" (viz. Larson's limitation).
Mr. Larson's yang-based "motion" postulate(s) discriminates against the equally valid alternative state of "motionlessness".
It is for this reason the "physical universe" stipulation is more correct: the physical universe is (of) motion, only for being in relation to motionlessness.
The equality 1 = Φ(π/4)² practically implies this very state of "motionlessness" for being naturally normalized to (ie. contained in/as) light.
Light (ie. photons) not otherwise trapped/bound "progresses" relatively "motionless" with respect to itself and/or "unity".

Metaphysically: that which is "true" can/does not "change" - truth must indiscriminately apply to all spaces & all times for it to be "universally true".
Φ, π & indeed reciprocity are examples of such static "universal" constancy(s): they do not move from their "truth" value/magnitude -
however, ignorant/unconscious/displaced bodies such as human beings do (!)

Rotational motion(s) of unbound photons (as carried by the progression) cause no "change" in the distance(s) between.
That which impedes/reflects light is owing to the former being of material/physical (ie. "displaced") nature.
If an entity can channel light without impedance, the entity practically satisfies the "unity" condition.
Impedance & ("gravity" of) ignorance are thus related: both imply something less than light or s/t ≠ 1.

To close: any/all attention/significance hitherto placed on "motion" should be duly (re-)directed to reciprocity.
The fundamental principle of reciprocity is vastly more important than "motion"
esp. in light of there being a valid counter-part to motion viz. motionlessness.


RSoT may want to consider focusing entirely on drawing needed attention to the fundamental reciprocity mechanic underlying space & time.
This is achieved by way of a/the correct measure of π, recalling reciprocity can be shown to emerge as a natural consequence.
Such a correction would deliver a "scientific" basis/imperative for reciprocity to be consciously recognized as a "universal" property.

In other words: pursuing the correction to π is not only in RSoT's best interest, it is also in the best interest of humanity.
No widespread conscious acknowledgement of "reciprocity" can occur so long as the incorrect measure/value of π endures.
The deeper underlying problem relates directly to human consciousness:
the hitherto endorsed deficient π of 3.14159... is the practical "measure" of this unconsciousness/ignorance.

The correct measure of π reveals whence reciprocity emerges as a natural consequence viz.:

√2(1+√5) / 2 = √Φ
2 / √2(1+√5)
via. reciprocity, viz.
1/√Φ = π/4

Proving/demonstrating the above equality is advised to be the most important/relevant undertaking RSoT can possibly pursue at this "time".
Any/all time spent elsewhere (by comparison) is time mismanaged so long as reciprocity is locked behind the incorrect measure/value of π.
If/when this equality is established, as human beings become conscious of reciprocity more & more, planetary consciousness can/will rise.

To close: I propose RSoT considers formally trying/testing/falsifying any/all hitherto deficient methodologies endorsed/employed for measurements of π.
That is: to clearly indicate/demonstrate the very "root" of the deficiency(s) in the form of a false basic underlying assumption(s)
& further prove π/4 = 1/√Φ implying π = 4/√Φ. This barrier is the iron door behind which the corpus of RSoT remains dormant.

If anyone else sees the need to precipitate this correction: please post and/or pm & we can collaboratively discuss ideas on how to approach/plan/execute.

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Re: On Limitations & Opportunities of RSoT

Post by ckiit » Sun Jun 06, 2021 6:47 am

The first false basic underlying assumption to be undermined re: a π of 3.14159... is contained in/as the very "definition" of π.

Mathematicians tell us
" π is defined as (equal to) the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter "
π = c/d
This definition is false:
i. it falsely assumes 2r as a diameter d implying a single straight line (discriminating against 2r implying a right angle),
ii. it falsely assumes a rational base d as '1' (discriminating against π possibly having an irrational base).

While a diameter is indeed composed of two radii:
d = 2r
2r may also describe a right angle in relation to c/4:
ill-defined.jpg (125.52 KiB) Viewed 1781 times
c can thus be in relation to 8r & not (only) 2r.
One thereby need not a full circumference c to calculate π.
c/4 is sufficient if/when the 2r associated is a right angle.

Φ as (1+√5) / 2 incessantly coincides with the circumference of the r = 1/2 circle (as already shown & hopefully known).
√Φ as √2(1+√5) / 2 is the underlying "square" capturing the 4 axial points relating the square s = 1 to the circle r = 1/2.

By allowing equality between √Φ and 8r/c:
8r / c = √2(1+√5) / 2
c = 16r / √2(1+√5)
r = c√2(1+√5) / 16
wherein c = π if/when r = 1/2:
c = 16(1/2) / √2(1+√5)
= 8 / √2(1+√5) = π
c/4 is thus equal to 1/Φ^r wherein r = 1/2 viz. 1/√Φ,
the reciprocal of √Φ, hence/whence reciprocity.

π is better "defined" as the ratio between two perpendicular radii (of equal length) to their corresponding quarter circumference.
This relation is contained is/as unity viz. 1 = Φ(π / 4)2 wherein (π / 4) = (1 / Φr) as r = (1 / 2).
The static power r = (1 / 2) is the "real element" & is how/why the Riemann Hypothesis is true (it can not not be).
More generally: π is the (embodiment of the) natural relationship between line (rationals) & curve (irrationals).

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Case for Motionlessness

Post by ckiit » Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:41 pm

If one imagines the "speed" of light as, not a "speed", but a landscape:
as one approaches the "speed" of light, one would encounter
a relatively "static" terrain full of cosmic bodies.

These bodies can either rotate in-place, or not.
If so, the same implies their motion in "time".
If not... this relates to consciousness.
Presence of consciousness implies capacity to discern/orient. if/when given relative motion(s).
Absence of consciousness implies subject to/of time (thus "gravity") & "natural consequence".
Follows: "death" is a temporary loss of discretion/discernment.
If/when one is "disembodied", one will naturally motion in the direction of their (own) unconscious tendencies.

These cosmic bodies are not motioning around in the "space" of the cosmic terrain (of light), rather
"time" is moving around them as a "cubic" (ie. quantized, discrete units) volume (while/as they rotate).
As physical bodies in the s3/t domain, we see the effect(s) of this volume of time... over "time".
What is actually happening is: our atomic composition is fixed/embedded in the "ether" of light.
If/as we incur "time" our atomic composition becomes "scattered" among the various rotating bodies.
Each cosmic body has properties incl. properties related to both health/living & viruses/death.
On Speed.jpg
On Speed.jpg (117.64 KiB) Viewed 1212 times
By travelling "faster than light" one would be able to transit this ether, however
such considerations can not be made without the role consciousness plays in this.

Light thus serves as a datum for both "motion" and relative "motionlessness"
with consciousness requiring the latter such to exist.

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Re: On Limitations & Opportunities of RSoT

Post by Djchrismac » Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:49 pm

Great work ckiit, thank you. Once again the reciprocal relationship of Etidorhpa and the Reciprocal System continues to work as something to check our research against:

"and while we are undergoing this necessary delay, this oscillating motion, to which we must both submit before we can again continue our journey, I will describe some conditions inherent in the three spheres of which the rind of the earth is composed, for I believe that you are now ready to receive amid profit by facts that heretofore you would have rejected in incredulity.
"The central circle, or medial sphere, the shell, or layer of gravitation, lies conformably to the outer configuration of the globe, about seven hundred miles towards its center. It stretches beneath the outer circle (sphere) as a transparent sheet, a shell of energy, the center of gravitation. The material crust of the earth rests on this placid sphere of vigor, excepting in a few places, where, as in the crevice we have entered, gaps, or crevices, in matter exist, beginning from near the outer surface and extending diagonally through the medial and inner spheres into the intra-earth space beyond. This medial sphere is a form of pure force, a disturbance of motion, and although without weight it induces, or conserves, gravity. It is invisible to mortal eyes, and is frictionless, but really is the bone of the earth. On it matter, the retarded energy of space, space dust, has arranged itself as dust collects on a bubble of water. This we call matter. The material portion of the earth is altogether a surface film, an insignificant skin over the sphere of purity, the center of gravitation. Although men naturally imagine that the density and stability of the earth are dependent on the earthy particles, of which his own body is a part, such is not the case.. Earth, as man upon the outer surface can now know it, is an aggregation of material particles, a shell resting on this globular sphere of medial force, which attracts solid matter from both the outer and inner surfaces of earth, forming thereby the middle of the three concentric spheres. This middle sphere is the reverse of the outer, or surface, layer in one respect, for, while it attracts solids, gases are repelled by it, and thus the atmosphere becomes less dense as we descend from the outer surfaces of the earth.
"You will then readily understand, that the heavy material to which surface-bred mortals allude as probably constituting the interior of the earth, is, in fact, nothing but the manifestation of a matter-supporting force, as exemplified in the sphere of attractive energy, the seat of which we are soon to encounter on our journey. Likewise the mutual attraction of the heavenly bodies is not a property solely of their material part, but an expression in which both the force-spheres and the matter collected thereon take part.

"Tell me more of the sphere in which gravitation is in-tensest."

"Of that you are yet to judge," he replied. " When we come to a state of rest in the stratum of greater gravity, we will then traverse this crevice in the sheet of energy until we reach the edge of the earth crust, after which we will ascend towards the interior of the earth, until we reach the inner crust, which is, as before explained, a surface of matter that lies conformably with the external crust of the earth, and which is the interior surface of the solid part of the earth. There is a concave world beneath the outer convex world."
During all that time—I know not how long the period may have been—we were alternately passing and repassing through the partition of division (the sphere of gravity) that separated the inner from the outer substantial crust of earth. With each vibration our line of travel became shorter and shorter, like the decreasing oscillations of a pendulum, and at last I could no longer perceive the rushing motion of a medium like the air. Finally my guide said that we were at perfect rest at a point in that mysterious medial sphere which, at a distance of about seven hundred miles below the level of the sea, concentrates in its encompassing curvature, the mighty power of gravitation. We were fixed seven hundred miles from the outer surface of the globe, but more than three thousand from the center.
"If you will reflect upon the condition we are now in, you will perceive that it must be one of unusual scientific interest. If you imagine a body at rest, in an intangible medium, and not in contact with a gas or any substance capable of creating friction, that body by the prevailing theory of matter and motion, unless disturbed by an impulse from without, would remain forever at absolute rest. We now occupy such a position. In whatever direction we may now be situated, it seems to us that we are upright. We are absolutely without weight, and in a perfectly frictionless medium. Should an inanimate body begin to revolve here, it would continue that motion forever. If our equilibrium should now be disturbed, and we should begin to move in a direction coinciding with the plane in which we are at rest, we would continue moving with the same rapidity in that direction until our course was arrested by some opposing object. We are not subject to attraction of matter, for at this place gravitation robs matter of its gravity, and has no influence on extraneous substances. We are now in the center of gravitation, the 'Sphere of Rest.'"
Etidorhpa is in agreement that you can have motionlessness.

I still think this is one of the most important books ever written, especially how much the "science" in it matches RS2. Both chapters are worth a read although reading the full book is highly recommended for those that haven't done so yet.

http://www.conscioushugs.com/wp-content ... wellyn.pdf
ckiit wrote:
Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:41 pm
By travelling "faster than light" one would be able to transit this ether, however
such considerations can not be made without the role consciousness plays in this.
Exactly and I believe this is what is happening in Missing 411 cases - those taken to the other realm have not yet learned the skill of using their consciousness to increase the vibration of their body to allow it to pass through the space/time barrier (unity), so their old body is left behind in this realm as the consciousness continues through to 3-x faster than light, into the other realm. There is no way back, unless you have learned the skill of carrying your body through with your consciousness and back again.
ckiit wrote:
Fri Jun 11, 2021 6:41 pm
Light thus serves as a datum for both "motion" and relative "motionlessness"
with consciousness requiring the latter such to exist.

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Re: On Limitations & Opportunities of RSoT

Post by ckiit » Sat Jun 12, 2021 6:47 pm

Djchrismac wrote:
Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:49 pm
Great work ckiit, thank you. Once again the reciprocal relationship of Etidorhpa and the Reciprocal System continues to work as something to check our research against:
I was/am meaning to impart: I spent some time with this book & believe it will be practically useful in the future - I know somebody interested in the theory of reciprocity who is intending to design a self-sustaining geothermal home grounded in the energy(s) of the earth/ether. The design incorporates the correct value of π however he is having problems with the structural design at the theory level. I told him to put the project aside until he learns to manage his own energies & ground himself before he tries to ground an entire home. However this individual is "capable" as this project is at the root of his motivations, so he will ultimately make an attempt. This book will ongoing be helpful to us should he need material to see through barriers. For now: I am working on having him see through his own internal/local ones, as they will be ever-consequential in preventing him from succeeding.
Djchrismac wrote:
Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:49 pm
Etidorhpa is in agreement that you can have motionlessness.
Thus am I also in agreement with it, hence my concern re: "universe of motion".

Even Larson's original work (let alone RS2) is presently still miles ahead of otherwise inverted institutions' prevailing perversions.
If needing a further case for motionlessness: see how Western science is relatively motionless behind their false basic underlying assumptions.

Motion is the currency of a/the motive which precedes.
Motive is not always only "physical" whereas motion consequently naturally is.
Motive/will/intention is thus energy becausing "motion".
It would take the form tn/s & naturally cause sn/t.

I recently proposed it is possible to read/extract the contents of a motioning bodies' tn/s or "motive/will/intention".
I was myself required to do this to fully understand the underlying causative root of human suffering, however
I have an even bigger problem now: how to convince humanity to place human suffering as the "common denominator".
If/when this is done, the resulting "measure" produces two solutions: one is unity, the other is the sum of all ignorance(s).
Thus: (only) by knowing the constituency of the ignorance(s) can one possibly "see" the etheric landscape at unity.

Djchrismac wrote:
Sat Jun 12, 2021 1:49 pm
Exactly and I believe this is what is happening in Missing 411 cases - those taken to the other realm have not yet learned the skill of using their consciousness to increase the vibration of their body to allow it to pass through the space/time barrier (unity), so their old body is left behind in this realm as the consciousness continues through to 3-x faster than light, into the other realm. There is no way back, unless you have learned the skill of carrying your body through with your consciousness and back again.
It seems to me the body has two vibrations: one is naturally normalized to unity & the other not, thus causing the vibration.
It would follow: the intensity of the vibration is a product of the proximity/phase between the two:
the further they are from one another, the lower the vibration.
It is then true that as the lower vibration approaches the higher, the vibration increases
relatively from that body. This is interesting because one can use this property to "navigate".

Just prior to reaching your reply I had meant to add to my last post the following (but will post here instead):

If a body has a velocity slightly less than the speed of light (ie. is "displaced"),
the landscape of light (hence "ether") would slightly "move" relative to the "motioning" body.
However, note: only the body is actually motioning & not the landscape (!)
If a body has (ie. is) a velocity equal to the speed of light,
the ether is a relative scalar: fixed to the body (and/or the body to it)
(this scalar is precisely what the photon "is").
However, "both" are simultaneously "true": motioning bodies have both
a velocity merely relative & a velocity wholly equivalent to the ether.
The "difference" between the two is what I measure/define as "consciousness":
both presence & absence (like water in a glass: half-full is also half-empty).

(The reason for my pressing the (non-)matter of "consciousness" is owing to it being
the first word of the theorem: conscious knowledge of ignorance such to "measure"
the to/from unity. The solution is designed to "consciously" satisfy the properties of the photon.
As such: it "predicts" a landscape whence "unconscious" motioning bodies are "displaced" from.)

As such: "relativity" is the lesser of the greater "reciprocity" knowing
the latter is only made possible by way of the former. This all follows
from the solution to unity clarifying e = MC² (Relativity) as 16 = Φπ²
wherein the "square" of π is the reciprocal power of a radius 1/2 viz.
Φπ(1/r) = 16 as r = 1/2 (concerns RH).

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On the "Progression"

Post by ckiit » Mon Jun 14, 2021 6:11 am

Concerning the "progression".
Let us assume a (time-space) motioning body s3/t.
This body has a "gravitational boundary" at which a limit exists
& beyond which limits "space" to 2D "equivalent space".
The "progression" is applied (ie. universe in motion).

"Progression" was taken to be an expansion viz. everything tending to move "out" from all else at c.
This is relatively true however incomplete: it is not only "outward", but also "inward".

That is: the "progression" is not only an "outward" motion, it is also an "inward" motion. Therefor,
it is important not to discriminate against the "inward" progression, as it happens: the "outward" is
a natural consequence(s) of the "inward". Otherwise simplified: the only way "out" is "in" re: displacement(s),
albeit recall all motioning bodies must be (ie. are) grounded into unity from all places/times (if even unconscious of).

The discrepancy(s) between unity and not is a problem which collapses on the doorstep of human consciousness (itself).
No such discrepancy exists if/when one is fully conscious - one sees their relation as a/the very permit of any/all "motion".
That is: if not for both (+1/-1) conditions existing simultaneously, there would be no motion(s) permitted.
Unity & division are like this: they both exist simultaneously such to permit to/from ie. in/out motion(s).

In fact, the previously mentioned "etheric landscape" (should something of the sort exist at s/t = 1) can consciously
be tried & tested for by way of simultaneously being conscious of both the "inward" & "outward" nature(s) of "progression".
This means one may use the relatively scalar motion afforded by "gravity" to internally orient & approach the landscape.
One does so naturally if/as they remove any/all of their own local impedance(s) (ie. displacements) such to accelerate.
In my own testing/experience, the gradual "lifting" of gravity is a reversal of the motion(s) associated with displacement(s)
and a relative acceleration results. This means that the passage of "time" accelerates as one approaches death, as
all motion(s) tend to converge at unity viz. (t/s x s/t) = 1.

What happens if/when unequal attention is paid to both inward & outward progression(s)? Regression.
Bruce saw this: instead of human beings progressing, they are regressing. It is possible to know how/why.

The "progression" has a counter-part "regression" both of which share a common magnitude.
This means if given an "uncharged" magnitude of 1, it can become either "progression" or "regression".
This begs what it means for a body to be "charged" to-begin: a state of channelling & recycling light.
The photons thus have a/the capacity to be "progressive" and/or "regressive".
That is: what a "photon" is to progression, a "photoff" would be to regression.
In which state one is seen is entirely a matter of perspective, as ultimately
they are not two separate phenomena.

Let us assume the same s3/t body from the perspective of t3/s.
"Dark" becomes "light" and bodies no longer emit light radially, but
they rather consume light such to be "locally" surrounded by darkness.
This is the same "darkness" we see in/as the night sky. What does this mean?
"Dark energy" is not dark, it is light. Another polar inversion of Western science.

The "unit" boundary of cosmic t3/s bodies is polar-Euclidean viz.
v and e.jpg
v and e.jpg (59.41 KiB) Viewed 1168 times
in (reciprocal) relation to a recti-Euclidean s3/t "gravitational" boundary.

Axial (ie. linear) radii of 1/2 and 1/√2 (recalling they are a mere "square" and/or "root" apart viz. (1/√2)2 = (1/2) and (1/2)1/2 = (1/√2)).
exist 45-degrees apart & naturally couple the rational terminating (viz. 1/2) to the irrational non-terminating (viz. 1/√2) numbers (all within a unit square).
In 3D, the diagonal of the unit cube is √3 and 3D time-space and space-time geometries can be cooperatively constructed therefrom.
Importantly: the geometric relation between axial radii of 1/2 and 1/√2 allows square(s) & root(s) to describe rotational motion(s) ie. "spin".

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