Time Region Speeds

This forum is dedicated to the student just starting out with the concepts of the Reciprocal System, or RS2. Questions and clarifications for the RS/RS2 concepts go here; please place new ideas and commentary in the appropriate RS2 fora.
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Time Region Speeds

Post by bperet » Fri Mar 16, 2018 12:05 pm

15 years ago in 2003, back when I was a "newbie" to the Reciprocal System, I had a lengthy conversation with Prof. KVK Nehru of India, regarding black body radiation and the problems it presented in the RS. We covered a lot of different topics, including different ways to represent displacement and how to use imaginary numbers to express some of these concepts. It may well be worth the read if for those new to the Reciprocal System, as it is me bumbling around trying to understand the structure of the atom, with Nehru as my mentor:

Topic: Time Region Speeds
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