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Story about a Gumiho

Posted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 2:20 am
by Sun
Gumiho is a legend ancient Chinese animal that born of negative nature but can be taught after it evolves to a purely spiritual form.
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This Gumiho I'm going to tell is a male, aged no more than 1000 years I estimated because the longest human being he had seen was about 125 years old. He has little human society experience and most of his experience is from the recent 200 years of northeast of China. He attached to a female human who is his follower in her last life now located at south of China, and he said he loves her, long story. What I try to tell here is some information gathered from a Gumiho incident, because I found that he existed in the time/space of earth which means I can not see him physically, but he can do many things humans can not. He said he can not escape earth because there is an energy field block the way out, might that be the quarantine referred by Ra? It is very possible that the quarantine is in time/space but not space/time of earth. He has very limited knowledges, knows nothing about science, haven't seen any kind of alien, has great interests in sexual activity with female human. He has many incredible abilities, for example, he has "x-ray" eyes that can scan my body, tells me which organ has problem, but limited by his medical knowledges. He can also search for informations about some humans that who live in the same time with us, but can not search for informations of past or future. He can talk about his past but can not search informations of our past. As for the future, he is always confused and can not gather any certain information. He can speak directly through the mouth of the female human, but he seldom do that now. Long story again. We think he can project himself to space/time in the form of human or any other forms, because he said he had gone to somewhere by car (or by bus, we don't know), but this ability seems to be limited by time and he can't do that when he attaches to this female human. Generally speaking, he is searching for the positive route. What he had done to the female human such as attach to her (not possession) is a way to higher density. However, he has very little understanding about evolution, love and good while he try to do good things. He has many bad habits and is very lazy to learn, spend most of his time for fun and sex.
I still have to verify is he really in time/space, because he has too little knowledge about science, I'm not sure he knows time and space. He even know nothing about Chinese history. I think there is a great possibility that densities are defined from time/space. Animal is quite different from human beings in that they can not choose the polarity after born. For example, tiger and dog are positively polarized while fox and cat are negatively polarized. It's nature of second density. When they accumulation enough energy, they can exist in our time/space without bodies in space/time I think, time to be harvested. The first density beings, do not have polarity, only searching for light. In time/space density, I think going down is the negative density, going up is positive (by our spatial perspective). If the races in the earth core do exist, they must be negative! The positive fourth density of earth is located at our sky in space/time. I'm understand now why the Budda philosophy said that every thing has soul and the first density life such as plants that Ra referred. In my TCM clinical practice, I'm not using the efficacy of herbs, but using the attributes of their spirits (or souls or intelligent). I understand it is true now. Plants are borned with a great variety attributes of their soul. Please just think of it as a story to see if I can get any true knowledge from a third density Gumiho (he can choose polarity now). I have no intention to prove any thing.

time/space, the world of spirits

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2021 8:35 pm
by Sun
It turns out there are all kind of spirits over the world. Foxes, serpents and rats are the most commonly seen animal spirits. The Gumiho is a highly evolved species of fox also exists in a spirital form. Once animals become self-aware, their self-consciousness are generated, then they can escape from reincarnation after death, existing in spirital form wandering over our world. Like human beings, animal spirits can be good or bad or between. They can attach to a human body just like our spirit integrated with our body. Recently, we encounter a fox of 500 years old. She is kind-hearted, can speak through a girl who saved her hundred years ago. We call her Little Yolk because she doesn't has a name and she's color is a little bit yellow. Little Yolk and other spirits can not be seen by our naked eyes for sure, but can be seen by the "third eye" of human beings. Our third eye is just degenerated, it can be rebooted by some kinds of secret training. All spirits cannot be seen by naked eyes, that's why we can't see aliens and earth beings beyond the third density. No doubt, spirits are location in time structure in space, so they can penetrate solid structures, but can't fly. Little Yolk told me there are day and night in Hades but not synchronized with the surface, just as Daniel paper predicted. I don't think Little Yolk has been to all territory of Hades because most gosts she have seen are Chinese. There are a managing system guarding by fourth density "gods" living on our sky, but the guardians and the guarding system might be quite different in different cultures.
Little Yolk can move through space by thought without any elapsing of time, but the range is limited and she doesn't know she's extreme, perhaps thousands kilometers. Interestingly, she doesn't know she exist in time/space and how she do the teleportation. What she knows is just that it is one of her many abilities. Like us, all of her life experiences are coming from the observation from space/time, the difference is she is a spirits has no tactile sense. Very interesting, it seems all spirits we encountered doesn't have the knowledge of space and time, they exist in time/space, moving through space by using slingshot of time, but they don't know how they do it. After death, human demote to the spirital form, the ghost. We also encounter many ghosts every day, all of them still remain on the life experience of the previous life. Their spirital bodies are just as their body at the moment of death. For example, if you dead at 60 years old, you will be looks like 60 years old in spirital form, the hair, face, skin, even clothes, all the same as the moment of your death. The form is just the projection of your consciousness. It means we still can't penetrate our consciousness after death if we don't learn or try when we are alive.