Electrical Effects and the Paranormal

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Electrical Effects and the Paranormal

Post by bperet » Wed Jan 31, 2018 1:15 pm

Those who are familiar with the study of UFOs are well aware of the fact that “close encounters” with this phenomena often result in the erratic behavior of electrical devices. It is well known that cars stall out and cannot be started—though the engine will often crank—and things like radios, television and kitchen appliances will suddenly turn on and cannot be turned off.

Legacy science has no explanation; and Larson’s RS doesn’t fair too well here, either, but comes a bit closer.

Examine first Larson’s view of electricity, which comes in two varieties:
  1. The uncharged electron: being a space displacement, becomes trapped in wire (temporal displacement) and gives us the phenomenon of electric current.
  2. The charged electron: still a spatial displacement, but being neutralized half the time by the charge (as a vibration), thus able to jump gaps across the vacuum of space (when charge is effective), and remain trapped in matter (when charge is ineffective). This gives us the phenomenon of static electricity.
In a conductor, the behavior of “current” and “static” electricity is a bit different; electric current, without a charge, will distribute itself evenly over the cross-section of the wire, making the current proportional to the cross-sectional area, which is a known and measured quantity. Static electricity exhibits the “skin effect”, where the “same charge” on the electrons pushes them apart, so they move to the surface of the conductor. In a basic conductor, we will find both forms of electricity, static on the surface, and current in the middle.

In the Law of One material, Ra indicates that the majority of UFOs are actually manifestations from the “4th density”, our own density being defined as “3rd”. (4th density is commonly referred to as “astral” and the 3rd is “physical”). Therefore, when a UFO enters our realm, it has about it a “field” of 4th density “energy” (I quote the terms, because they are not technically correct, but relate the concept). Therefore, it is logical to assume that the weird electric effects are a result of this 4th density “energy field”, which we will now evaluate.

One of the characteristics that the RS2 evaluation brought out concerning electrons is that they can “pair up” or form “triplets”, the triplet being known as the compound motion of the charged electron neutrino, which is also a “rotating unit of space” as Larson describes it (“This charged neutrino is thus, in effect, a rotating unit of space, similar in respect to the uncharged electron, and, as matters now stand, indistinguishable from it.”, Basic Properties of Matter, p. 262). The big difference between the electron and electron neutrino is that the neutrino is a magnetically-rotating (2-dimensional) unit of space, whereas the electron is an electrically-rotating (1-dimensional) unit. But, being a unit of space, it, too, can become trapped in a conductor—and can flow thru matter just like an electron. Larson refers to this as a “magnetic temperature”.

It has been theorized that UFOs use some form of magnetic propulsion. An analysis of the data indicates that the type of “magnetism” it uses is not the common rotational vibration, but the non-local field generated by charged, electron neutrinos moving thru conductors—a “4th density” magnetic field. This field will, of course, induce a similar movement of electron neutrinos in the matter in the vicinity, and hence cause the electrical problems exhibited. But why do some things shut down, and others turn on?

As indicated above, Larson identified two forms of electricity, charged/static and uncharged/current. The presence of this 4th density field will try to form charged electron neutrinos by transferring the charges from the static, charged electrons and placing them on existing uncharged neutrinos in the area (since static charges are not confined to conductors, and are free to move). Thus, any device that relies on a “static effect”, such as the spark plugs in a car or a neon sign, will fail! But, devices that rely solely on electric current will continue to work, which is why one can still crank the starter motor on a car during one of these events, but it will not start because it cannot generate a spark.

But what of the charged, electron neutrinos being generated… increasing Larson’s “magnetic temperature”? Since the charged electron neutrino behaves like electric current, everything in the vicinity that requires electric current will suddenly have electric power available, even if it is not plugged in! This effect was noted by Nikola Tesla during his experiments, as well as during UFO close encounters. Radios and TVs turn on, blenders in the kitchen start spinning… usually out of control, digital appliances tend to burn out.

And what other effects does the flow of charged, electron neutrinos have? The charge on a neutrino is inward, not outward, as other magnetic charges. Thus, the location of electron neutrinos in a conductor will be the inverse of it’s static equivalent—they will accumulate at the core of the conductor, not on its surface, forming a thin, intense stream running down the middle of a conductor, which gives us a 3rd form of electricity, and a 3rd type of behavior—cold electricity—a type of electric current with no thermal/heat properties, because it’s “thermal” condition is magnetic.

One of the dangers this analysis brings out, however, is summed up by a statement Ra made in Session 63:
Ra wrote:If a third-density entity were, shall we say, electrically aware of fourth-density in full, the third-density electrical fields would fail due to incompatibility.

“To answer your query about death, these entities will die according to third-density necessities.”
Every advancement has its dangers; fortunately, there are some warning labels.
electrondistribution.gif (12.95 KiB) Viewed 17039 times
This diagram shows where regions of static (charged) electrons, current (uncharged electrons) and cold electricity (electron neutrinos) exist within a cross-section of a conductor.

I also noted that cold electricity tends to aggregate at the center of gravity of the cross section, and since electron neutrinos are also responsible for isotopic mass, one would expect to find the higher isotopes of an element near its center of mass. From the little I was able to find on the topic on the Internet, this does indeed seem to be the case—right down to the Earth, itself, where the heaviest isotopes occur closest to the center of the planet.

This might change the view of “magnetic temperature” slightly; Larson had attributed it to a field effect (magnetic ionization level), but it may actually be the rotational vibration of the electron neutrinos, concentrating at the center of mass, that causes the increase in magnetic ionization along with the related effects (increased radioactivity, stellar combustion, co-magnetism, thredules, etc).

It is an interesting cascade situation; the presence of neutrinos causes the magnetic ionization level to increase, causing more elements to become radioactive, releasing more neutrinos, increasing the magnetic temperature further, causing more radiation. Sounds like the basis of nuclear fission—another interesting side-effect of “cold electricity”.
Every dogma has its day...

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