ISUS is now RSRS

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ISUS is now RSRS

Post by SiteAdmin » Sun Nov 12, 2017 3:03 pm

We have changed business names from International Society of Unified Science (ISUS) to Reciprocal System Research Society (RSRS or RS2). My research is RS2 (no superscript), the 2nd generation of the Reciprocal System. Those that came up with the name, our President, Rainer Huck and Vice President, Robin Sims, thought the similarity was amusing.

This was primarily done to eliminate the confusion between ISUS and ISIS... the former being a research company and latter being a terrorist organization, as well. (Though I expect most conventional scientists consider ISUS to also be a terrorist organization, with all the radical ideas we have about the Universe!) You should see the faces on new bank tellers when I want to deposit a check to ISUS ("eye-sus" versus "eye-sis"... too close).

Currently, both names are being used, as RSRS is just a DBA (Doing Business As) until we can get all the paperwork done for the corporate name change.

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