Announcement: Archive for papers on the Reciprocal System

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Announcement: Archive for papers on the Reciprocal System

Post by bperet » Wed Nov 21, 2012 2:33 pm

About a month ago, I created a new website,, to act as a repository of books, papers and videos about the Reciprocal System. I have some content on there now and am working to get more done. There are also a few tutorials from RS2 and contributions by other authors.

All the documents are being done in OpenDocument format, with downloadable PDFs. In the process of scanning and converting, I am attempting to update all the figures and formulas for clarity of presentation, as many of Larson's original papers are deteriorating past the point of readability, being decades old. I thought it best to try to preserve what he has done.

Currently, these PDFs are the best copies available. If you find errors, please drop a comment so I can get them corrected and updated.

If you wish to contribute, I require an OpenDocument file (from OpenOffice or LibreOffice) that I will convert to a PDF upon uploading to the site. There are some specific header requirements that the software uses to sort documents into sections. Please contact me for details. Thanks.
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