Discussion concerning other (non-RS) systems of theory and the insights obtained from them, as applied to the developing RS2 theory.
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I know what is going on. My

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I know what is going on. My mind is getting clear. The ancients believed that he universe consists of a vibrating sea of energy, the ether that is all around us. This means that the material world does not exist of separate particles, but instead matter is created from standing waves in the ether. There is a field or wave or spiral light or intelligent energy, no matter what we call it and what we think it is, it is unity or unit motion(unpotentiate means unity). When i say field, i mean this motion have effect in space though it is unity. It is not equal to nothing as Larson stated. It may not be the torsion field but one of its effects is the torque. When figure out what these effects are, we have a howto about manipulating this unit motion. We do know what a magnetic field like which is build upon unit motion. What a secondary motion do is modifying this field just like Larson doing in his deduction. Modifying this field manifests to us(observer) as changing of space/time ratio from the perspective of space. That is why motion can be defined as space/time ratio. If you describe motions as waves or geometry of field structure, you are describing the structure of space-time continuum of each motion, you are dealing with aether science(field of aether and changing of this field), then all theories in the right track can be unified. Everything including matter, particles, even the galaxy can be treated as wave or field. I think i need to do more studies and start a new thread until i get actual progress not just these concepts.

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i made the wrong expression

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Thank you for your explanation Bruce. Very interesting. Have no idea this Daniel is that Daniel.

I still doing a lot of studies. What i meant to say should be "torsion field is a basic motion in time/aether". If i am right, the basic rotation in time is two-dimensional, so the torsion field is a 2D rotation in time. I think aether can be consider as time only from the perspective of space. Aether is just an imaginary concept not a thing, however, the torsion field is the unpotentiated intelligent energy, the spiral light. Another 2D rotation in time created by individualized consciousness opposes this motion forming a vibratory structure. Each rotation contains a vibration of infinite frequency which is the lower octave density than us. However, both of these two two-dimensional rotation are unity and immediately forms an hierarchical structure, the octave density, when coupling to space-time. Different density have different space/time ratio or speed. Higher the speed more dimensions it occupied. Remember what Ra told us? The hierarchical structure is all the same from microcosm to macrocosm, which remind me the structure of atom. Human body has the same hierarchical structure, the seven bodies plus the Buddha body. Which body manifested is depend on where is your mind dwell in. In the fourth density, our mind is dwell in heart and have access to one dimension of time. You can raise your mind, your speed by all kinds of practice.

As to Corey, he is not lying or he is a very very good liar. Corey is not a tech guy like Daniel, he just tell what he saw. The SSP behind him may feed him wrong information. The triangle being he mentioned, with golden skin, very tall, very fine or delicate body, which could be a sixth density body. Who is always work with the blue avian? But it is not important. We think by ourselves and we take any piece of information consistent with our philosophy.

Look at the graph Corey gave, it is the field structure of a galaxy and we know now it comprise of two two-dimensional rotation in time. The key is to find out the geometry to express the fields in space cause by these motions. I think all fields(time change space) can be expressed by some kind of geometry like Russell's work, bi-radial matrix(still working on it). The field line become a shape forming effect in space. One lead to this thinking is "sound". Obviously, sound can interact with these motions or torsion fields causing various interference patterns in water. It is not sound compresses air, it is the field line changed. Sound also changes the fields in vacuum and should have some effects can be detected.

I am not the first one presenting the Tai Chi diagram as a cut plane of some kind of structure. Someone believes it demonstrates the basic structure of universe and the dots inside the circle representing the poles. The spiral light is exactly the "Chi" mentioned by ancient Chinese, prana by Indians. The left-hand spiral Chi is the one feed our body according to "David’s Guidance System". To trap and intensify the Chi, you should have something for reference because Chi is of every direction in space. Pyramid or hemisphere are one of those shapes can trap Chi. Pyramid seems to trap and transform Chi to other form of energy to our density. If i am right, earth have the same fields as galaxy. Earth is a big atom, galaxy is a bigger one. The first density planet is a sub-atom. When the speed of its electric rotation increases to an extent that the electric rotation transform to a magnetic rotation, a second density planet formed. The speed of Chi is always unity, and the other is changing. Raising the speed of the other rotation is raising the consciousness.
Acupuncture works by causing localized injury by the insertion of needles
The modern practice of acupuncture is wrong. To use this type of tech, the needle must be carefully engineered. There are two type of this tech, acupunture is the one well known by the western world. The the other is moxibustion. Acupunture can both energize the body and draw energy out of the body, depending on how you do it. Moxibustion energizes the body. Immunity can not explain Moxibustion. The principle is much like the balancing pyramid on earth which i do not understand.
The "grid" isn't related to the magnetic field of Earth. It is something different.
So what is the "grid" according to your research?

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