Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Discussion concerning other (non-RS) systems of theory and the insights obtained from them, as applied to the developing RS2 theory.
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Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Post by ckiit » Sun Dec 22, 2019 9:29 am

( progress...)


The Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem
is a product of the (ever-ongoing) inquiry:

from whence human suffering?

such to derive & employ a practical science(s) of inquiry
relating to any/all causation/cessation of any/all forms
of human suffering (of human origin) as they indiscriminately relate
to any/all possible theist/atheist, secular/religious context(s)
along with their respective root(s) as real and/or as imagined.
abstract solution.
EdenSolution.jpg (103.53 KiB) Viewed 732 times
R/S System of Theory Postulates:
1. The universe is composed of one component, motion, existing in three dimensions, in discrete units, and with two reciprocal aspects, space and time.

2. The universe conforms to the relations of ordinary mathematics, its primary magnitudes are absolute, and its geometry is Projective.
V = S/T → *A = S/T
Let *A be any/all manner of motion(s) capturing all,
indiscriminately, in discrete units,
as related to all inquiries incl. (con)scientifically
initiated, both: of potential and/or of actual measure,
as relating to all relevant impetus'
(along with their respective root(s)),
and all relevant impedance(s)
(including substance of belief)
- as real, and/or as imagined -
possible (or not), probable (or not), actual (or not)
actually potent (or actually not),
real material bodies (and/or ethereal immaterial bodies)
along with their own gravitational (dis)placement(s)
whose constituency(s) both proposes, thus composes,
of measurably just discrete unit(s) of
source-origin impetus indiscriminate
either physical and/or metaphysical,
actual and potential,
incl. both potential and actual humanistic
motive(s), will(s) and/or intent(s);
as so rationally (and/or irrationally) attained,
conducted: (past), present and/or future...
consciously (and/or unconsciously),
knowingly (and/or unknowingly),
relevantly, (and/or irrelevantly),
as known, merely in part, or absolutely (or not),
and/or as otherwise absolutely believed,
(respective to each: their own varying degree(s))
concerning all (e)motion(s), their (dis)placement(s) and/or (dis)orientation(s),
are, at present, as present as any ever-present universal law(s) must universally permit

ever-motioning to cause, sustain and/or irrationally impede on
the cessation of any and all forms of
human suffering
and thereby are as duly and universally contained in the same:
universal unit(s) of motion as v,
thus v = s/t.
Requires: correction of π from being autonomous/transcendental
to being naturally/geometrically coupled to Φ
such to re-couple space {yang} and time {yin} as being
in incessant reciprocal relation to one another:
Xpiphid.jpg (304.46 KiB) Viewed 727 times
Beginning with a circle whose diameter is √5,
place two unit squares inside the circle side-by-side
(either horizontally or vertically, the latter is shown)
and find √5 as any diagonal between two opposite corners (AB as shown).
Note: this diagonal is equal to the diameter of the circle.

Now extend AB by 1 unit distance (BC) to this diagonal, composing (√5 + 1)
as (AB + BC) and find (D) the mid-point (/2) satisfying (√5 + 1)/2.

By rotating the extended √5+1 diagonal (AB + BC) about the origin,
find that midpoint (D) incessantly coincides with a 2r = 1 diameter circle
thus (D) "kisses" the unit square four times equidistantly per full rotation of "2π"
thus π may be measured precisely by way of Φ and expressed as a discrete ratio of Φ.
This ratio is 4/√Φ also expressed (8√5-8)1/2
Let 1 be unity.
2π/2π = c ...."Datum..."
π = 4/√Φ ...."Enlighten..."
π² = 16/Φ ..."Empower..."
16 = Φπ² ...."Rationalize..."
e = MC² ....."Compare..."

1 = Φπ²/16 "Unify..."

4/√Φ is a root of:
f(x) = x⁴ + 16x² - 256

See the following papers from Miles Mathis
concerning why π is equal to 4 in any/all kinematic situation(s)
(excusing his missing the further implication of 4/√Φ): (short version) (long version)
Abstract: I show that in all kinematic situations, π is 4. For all those going ballistic over my title, I repeat and stress that this paper applies to kinematic situations, not to static or geometric situations. I am analyzing the equivalent of an orbit, which is caused by motion and includes the time variable. In that situation, π becomes 4. I will also remind you this is not just a theory: it has been indicated by many mainstream experiments, including rocketry tests and quantum experiments (see links below). It has also now been proven by my own experiments (see link below).
-Miles Mathis
The Extinction of π (short version, abstract)
This culminates into the following (given π = 4/√Φ):
Φ = (π + π√5)/2π
π = 4/√Φ
Φ² (or Φ + 1) = (3π + π√5)/2π (difference: 2π)
π² = 16/Φ
thus consider:

C = 8r
Φπ² = 16
wherein C = Φπ² and 16 = 8r wherein r=2


Requires: Rejection of Aristotelian Identity Law A = A ... f=12&t=677

A ≠ A
A = *A

*variability allows all manner of motion (+)(-) indiscriminate

Requires: unifying *A, in-as v, of v = s/t → c.
Let *A be any breathing (ie. motioning) body
whose impetus/impedance is captured in-of v.

v = s/t
*A = s/t

Let *A be unified.
universal operators: (all+∞-not), and
universal roots: (causation+∞-cessation), thus
*A = √(alpha∞omega), √(beginning∞end)
Metalogical / Torulogical Geometry:
Let *A be any discretionary body with equal capacity to motion between roots and operators
Let (+A and -A) be real/ethereal universal operators: (all+∞-not) viz. (alpha∞omega)
Let (√+A and √-A) be real/ethereal universal root(s): (causation+∞-cessation) viz. (beginning∞end)

Derived Transcendental Universal Axes ('4' in/of 4/√Φ=π):
Axes is universally bestowed, locally employed.

Let *A naturally possess/employ the capacity/discretion to reciprocate:
*{(-)∞(+)} *A is breathing in/out {(+)∞(-)}
viz. allows for (ir)rationalization, including
*{multiplicative reciprocity}
denoted in-as *A, allowing all universal manner(s)
of discrete rational (and irrational) motion(s).
'reciprocal' - any rationed identity(s) (as denoted by s/t)
whose variable multiplicative inverse(s),
if/when known, attained to and/or rationally operated on,
invariably reconciles to 1/1, thus concerning ±c as unity.


v = s/t
thus becomes with equivalence,
*A = s/t
thus granting *A simultaneously to be +A and/or -A
bperet wrote:
Wed Jan 01, 2020 2:16 pm
This is quite interesting. One of the things that was pointed out by Eric Dollard in his research is that the positive roots are static, whereas the negative roots (imaginary) are dynamic, when considered as roots of unity. Essentially, the positive root of √+1 = +1, so it never changes. But when you get to √-1 = +1i, it forms a recursion into other dimensions, j, k, h... other rotational planes beyond the standard, Argand plane. Makes sense that this kind of dynamic growth pattern would equate to knowledge, because ignorance keeps you static!
(emphasis added)

+A = +s/+t (+relatively static) as (the 'gravity' of)
-A = -(s/t), -s/t, s/-t (-relatively dynamic) as (the 'progression' of)

+A is relatively static
-A is relatively dynamic
*A is simultaneously subject to
dynamical aspect(s) of space s and time t.
space: for practical purposes of (meta)physical "orientation", and
time: for purposes of (meta)physical "science(s)", and
*A is relative to s/t according to its own potential/actual
(-)impetuses and (+)impedance(s)

viz. penta-meta-logical proof-of-concept
definitely indefinitely approaches 'state' of 'all-knowing'.

impetus √-A = {to Know all thus: not to Believe}
**circle expanding indefinitely; metalogically -A**
(tends towards any possible all-knowing 'state'
incl. any possible relevant knowledge(s)
suffering and/or death)
impetus √+A = {to Believe all thus: not to Know}
**circle contracting indefinitely; metalogically +A **
(tends towards any possible 'state'
of belief-based ignorance(s)
suffering and/or death)
Addresses any/all motion(s) causing/sustaining
(and/or otherwise impeding the cessation of)
all forms of human suffering/death
due to the conflict(s) associated with any/all
belief-based ideological division(s):

"us" vs. "them" esp. the concerned:


by undermining:
All knowing is belief (?), but not all belief is knowing.
-Philosophy (current)
and graduates with (while revealing) accompanying scientific methodology:
All knowing is by way of consciously trying all belief, but
not all belief is by way of consciously trying to know all.
o. infinitum... consciously acknowledge all BELIEF(s)
i. to TRY both: to and not to BELIEVE
ii. to TEST both: true and/or not (necessarily)
iii. to FALSIFY all BELIEF(s) NOT (necessarily) TRUE infinitum ...
Undermines: all "believer vs. unbeliever" conflict(s) by finding the root of human suffering
as perpetual absolution-of-belief: the identity/property derived of the mythical Edenic tree
of the knowledge of good and evil, with all relevant accordance(s) to the admonishment of Genesis 2:17
satisfied, thus clarifying any/all Judaic/Christian/Islamic (amal. "Abrahamic") context(s):

ומעץ הדעת טוב ורע לא תאכל ממנו כי ביום אכלך ממנו מות תמות
And concerning the tree of the knowledge of good and evil: do not eat from it
as eating thereof in time shall certainly cause death (over death).
√+A as root 'TO BELIEVE' is hypothesized as the biblical equivalent to
(ie. metaphysical identity of) the tree of the knowledge of good and evil:
{ to believe all thus: not to know },
wherein any/all expression(s) of living being(s) (are) absolutely bound to
certainly BELIEVE someone/anyone and/or something/anything to
a degree of absolute certainty
('all' concerning by necessity
the universal roots of good and evil), wherein:

the substance (ie. root) of any/all "true" belief(s) is (are) certainly false,

thus so too are the body(s) concerned as they endure to suffer the same
belief-based ignorance(s) over time undefined whose gravity proportionally
embodies the degree(s) to which the displaced body(s) have no
conscious knowledge of their own (belief-based) ignorance(s).
√-A as root 'TO KNOW' is thus hypothesized as the biblical equivalent to
(ie. metaphysical identity of) the tree of living (forever):
{ to know all thus: not to believe },
such to cease any/all manner of suffering/death associated to any/all manner
of belief-based ignorance(s) causing/sustaining/perpetuating the same by way of
inference (the utility of which the theory owes itself to).
ויאמר הנחש אל האשה לא מות תמתון
כי ידע אלהים כי ביום אכלכם ממנו ונפקחו עיניכם והייתם כאלהים ידעי טוב ורע
And saying the serpent 'you will certainly die not as elohim doth know that in time as ye eat thereof, then your eyes shall open, and ye shall be as gods, knowing good and evil'.
Both are metalogically valid, as it is strictly a matter of the local root
yielding the substance of any belief: to merely believe to absolutely know,
while knowing not not to believe such to be so, in thus being wrong,
one is thus certainly absolutely dead wrong
especially concerning knowledge of the physical and/or metaphysical "roots"
of such universal absolutes as (so-called) good and evil.
to certainly know not to do so: absolutely believe
anyone or anything to such absolute degree(s),
thus not ever eating from such a tree as (so-called) good and evil,
one is thus knowing how to consciously regard the admonishment
(concerning matters of the same) as they relate (or not) to the cessation of
all form and manner of human suffering.

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Re: Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Post by ckiit » Sat Jan 04, 2020 7:23 am

Metalogical Axes Utility & Application
................................................concerning unity................................................
..............................................{all+} and/or{-not}...................................if not:

Transcendental Axes:

As above (ethereal, metaphysical),
so below (real, physical).

universal operators {ALL} and {NOT} are universally bestowed,
local operators {ALPHA} and {OMEGA} are locally employed concerning, and

universal roots {CAUSATION} and {CESSATION}are universally bestowed,
local roots {BEG} and {END} are locally employed concerning.

The local roots/operators
implicitly and explicitly concerns
the universal roots/operators.

Thus {ALL} and {NOT} are transcendentally fixed such that all {ALPHA} and {OMEGA} concern it,
and {CAUSATION} and {CESSATION} are transcendentally fixed such that all {BEG} and {END} concern it.

Orientation(s) such to concern {ALL} root: {KNOWLEDGE} and/or {ALL} root: {BELIEF} (s/t-invariant)
......................................................all ∞ not....................................................
..............................{to know} ȸ {to believe}.........................
{to KNOW}{all{thus}not}{to BELIEVE}........{to BELIEVE}{all{thus}not}{to KNOW}
the {former} ever-approaches all-knowing
for being all-knowing of all: not to believe,
the {latter} ever-contains all-belief-based
such to cause, sustain and/or impede on the cessation of all potential
and all actual forms and manner of human suffering, absolutely indiscriminate
of all source(s) and all magnitude(s) each respective to their own roots.


(by necessity)
{TRUE}{NOT necessarily...}

{Proposition}{Negation of...}
(as +P and -P, example):
+P: Religion i {+is} a religion of 'peace'.
(is 'not necessarily' reasonable/rational?)
-P: Religion i {-is not} a religion of 'peace'.
(is the inverse more reasonable/rational?)
if not, try inverting the 'property(s') to reflect what is:
+P: Religion i is a religion of 'peace'.
-P: Religion i is a religion of 'perpetual conflict'.

"Believer vs. Unbeliever" is a condition/property of 'peace'.
"Believer vs. Unbeliever" is a condition/property of 'perpetual conflict'.

{to KNOW}{ALL}thus{NOT}{to BELIEVE} approaches all-knowing, whereas
{to BELIEVE}{ALL}thus{NOT}{to KNOW} approaches all-belief-based ignorance(s)
causing/sustaining and/or irrationally impeding on the cessation of
and/all manner(s) and form(s) of human suffering(s).

"Believer vs. Unbeliever"
collapses to this axes.

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Re: Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Post by ckiit » Sat Jan 04, 2020 3:56 pm


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Re: Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Post by blaine » Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:03 pm

Are you familiar with Chris Langan's work? It seems similar to your ideas, I found it pretty interesting. ... 9021-1.pdf

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Re: Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Post by ckiit » Tue Jan 14, 2020 4:40 pm

blaine wrote:
Tue Jan 07, 2020 6:03 pm
Are you familiar with Chris Langan's work? It seems similar to your ideas, I found it pretty interesting. ... 9021-1.pdf
Thank you for the resource - I wasn't aware of this work as I did not know who Chris Langan was.
Nevertheless, I was happy to find the following on page 10 (apologies for the distorted capture):


This null boundary is the very property CKIIT exploits:
1. (a) contains the +alpha/-omega conjugation that is intrinsic to enclosed bodies, including human beings.
(b) +180° of arc is alpha (ie. all/positive/affirmative) (0 → +1), -180° of arc is omega (ie. not/negative/denial) (0 → -1)
2. (a) and (b) can also be any symmetrical form, such as the pentagram utilized by CKIIT:


This pentalogical "progression" mapping has a vesica piscis equivalent
(satisfying the natural "progression" and "gravitation" as it relates to c and/or r2=±1)
and a toroidal equivalent whose mapping is local to any such self-enclosed body(s) to which it applies:

I am hoping someone from RSoT can pick up on this, as it has the potency to broad-spectrum
address/collapse the problem(s) associated with "belief" by identifying the signature(s) of it - inversion:


and can thus be used to solve for many/any root(s), including
of the metaphysical Edenic tree(s) of living and the inverse suffering/death,
along with the actually manifest physical counterparts thereof, such as the root(s)
of Nazism/Fascism/Socialism (however sensitive they may be).

I'm sure our projects would be perfectly compatible side-by-side, however
my approach is for humanity to have a simple solution that maps onto the body
as it serves to progressively "lift" one from belief into knowledge ad infinitum.
If in-between each step a full cycle of alpha/omega commences, the only factor
which determines the "direction" is which foot is lead with:
to know (all (thus) not) to believe, or
to believe (all (thus) not) to know
are inverted 180-degree counter-parts, thus
solves the long-standing conflict(s) of:

"believer vs. unbeliever"

as it pertains to any possible context(s): theist/atheist-invariant.

I will be launching it in the near future on its own dedicated platform,
thus in the meantime wish to subject it to others for strengths/weaknesses
as I will be platforming the RSoT along with it to replace Einstein's GToR
and his source-origin-forsaken old space-bending balls.

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Re: Conscious Knowledge of Ignorance (Inference) Theorem (CKIIT)

Post by ckiit » Mon Mar 09, 2020 8:19 am

(...res...)If allowing √Φ to serve as
the root of motion:
√Φ = (the golden root)
Φ = (π+π√5)/2π begets Φ Pentagram
Φ² = (3π+π√5)/2π begets (Φ + 1) rationalizing 1:2π (π→3π)
Φ³ = (4π+2π√5)/2π begets progression/gravitation
captured by a single expression tying it back to '1'
thus if the axes found by CKIIT is sound
(the transcendental '4' of 4/√Φ), then...
Φ as head is (equal capacity for) discretion
Φ² as hands are operators {all∞not}
Φ³ as feet are roots {beg∞end}
π is 4/√Φ needed for the axes/motion
wherein 4 denotes [{all∞not} and {beg∞end}]
as transcendental axes of motion
(universal roots and operators)
as a {universal axes}, and thus √Φ is
as a transcendental root of motion.

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